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Information Architecture

The process continues with a robust reproduction of your site for further objective study of the page layout and navigational interconnectivity. You’ll see a complete visualization – meshing design and architecture, with each page laid out, and all processes outlined – that simulates an actual user experience and demonstrates how each page actively pushes your overall site agenda.

User Personas

By parsing your company’s history we’ll create customer archetypes to represent all the different customers you serve. It is with these customer archetypes in mind that we will construct your website so as to maximize the potency of the design.


A website mock-up that focuses on what each page does – not how it looks. In other words, the arrangement of content, interface elements, and navigational systems that best accomplishes our goal. We leave the design elements out so you can focus on the bottom line, functionality.

UI / UX Design

Our dedicated team of UI/UX specialists will craft a setting customized to your goals. From color schemes to link placement and from page layout to A/B testing of call-to-action buttons, we’ll run the gamut to create an environment sure to please your customers and push your agenda.

User-Experience Creation

We’ll finalize the design specs and actualize the project, building your storefront from the ground up with the customer in mind. Interactivity maximized? Check. Customer expectations more-than met? Check. Work-flow disruptions just something that happens on other peoples’ sites? Check. Brace yourselves: Orders Are Coming…