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We’ll find the look, feel and voice that matches your brand and objectives and from that we’ll create a comprehensive set of design comps for each page. This marks the final step in the process from drafting board to living website.

Brand and Look

There’s so much competition screaming for attention that simply offering an excellent product or service is just not enough to draw customers your way. Our in-house design team will help your site speak for itself; shouting down the competition without ever raising your voice is going to feel great!

User-Interface Design

Next, we’ll play psychologists to optimize the site from the consumer’s point of view, streamlining each process and adding call-to-action buttons as needed, making abandoned carts and bounce rate worries a thing of the past.

Page Layouts

We’ll drill down to the specifics and create a complete mock-up of each page integrating the various components we’ve crafted. One more opportunity to review our plans and finalize your website before we begin Developing it.