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PeriShip – The only thing we spoil is the customer


Since 2001, we have been placing a unique focus on safeguarding the customer relationship, and dedicating ourselves to the economic interest of the Supply Chain Stakeholders. Our unwavering commitment to shippers and receivers of products allows us to command respect and create a clear sense of leadership and competency in the market place. PeriShip’s executive team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the seafood, logistics and information technology fields. We built one of the largest systems specialized in the overnight shipping management of perishable food products.

Why Do Business with PeriShip?


PeriShip works directly and exclusively with FedEx to insure on time delivery. They update you and your customer if there is a problem and work with FedEx to make sure the item safely goes to it’s end destination. Periship exclusively ships perishable items overnight. The information is shared and processed quickly.

Partners enjoy PeriShip’s business. There is always someone who picks up the phone when you call. Customers record faster, limit risk exposure, better manage expectation of customers and see higher revenue. It’s an intricate process of checks and balances, designed to make sure delivery is prompt and maged. PeriShip is keenly aware of customer logistic and operating environments.

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Top 5 Reasons to Do Business with PeriShip

    1. Calls FedEx on your behalf.
    1. Pre-alerts FedEx of your package.
    1. Knows package is delayed and have time to do something about it.
    1. Have an easy to use forecasting tool for estimating delivery.
  1. Constantly monitoring anything to cause delays.


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“The service provided to us by PeriShip has been remarkable! Their attention to detail allows us to work on sales, not on pickups, tracking and problem solving. The performance of PeriShip is unmatched.”

– Rob George, The Crab Broker, Las Vegas, Nevada

List of Features:

  • Understand your existing and future operational processes and needs
  • Communicates around the board: to FedEx, customer and business.
  • Analyzes solutions before the shipment is placed.
  • Formulates strategies around weather and delayed packages.
  • Monitors weather and FedEx flights around the country to help decision making on how to ship the package.
  • Emphasizes pre-emptive planning.
  • Displays superior issue resolution capabilities.
  • Maintains clear communication channels.
  • Reduces or eliminates product loss.
  • Professional and qualified US based Customer Service.
  • Proactive, real-time based weather impact updates.
  • Customized shipping alerts.
  • Forecasting tools.
  • Specialized perishable goods packaging consulting and testing.
  • Highly customized pricing structure.
  • eCommerce integration framework based on the industry standard technologies.


  • Shipping labers are produces on any FedEx shipping system, like or the PC compatable FedEx software.
  • Shipping label is printed and applied to shipment with PeriShip label.
  • Once shipping label is printed and produced, the information is put in PeriShip proprietary information system and placed on pre-alert.
  • Pre-alert is sent to all major sorting locations around country: New Jersey Tennessee, Illinois, Texas and California.
“The PeriShip label seals confidence with each shipment. Their above-and-beyond service allows us to focus on development instead of shipping exceptions.”

– Murray’s Cheese,, New York City, New York

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