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Founded in 1998, Hostway Corporation has been taking care of the needs of hosting and infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses. Specializing in Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting, and Email and Application, we deliver secure and cost-effective solutions to over 500,000 customers worldwide, while offering 100% network and server uptime guarantees in the process

Business Network Services

Hostway’s Network Services are powered by the very latest in network hardware, which provide the very best services for online businesses. Our proprietary systems include Traffic Engineering and Denial of Service Mitigation, which means that the available bandwidth for your servers will be utilized for delivering services to their intended users. Our data centers are designed with the highest level availability as our core goal. In addition to high availability power and cooling, we have diverse metro paths and entry points for our carriers. This helps eliminate a service outage due to a severed cable in the street. Our team of expert engineers and programmers will help identify ways to provide our customers with the best network architecture available.

VPS Overview

If your business needs a solution that offers control over your server configuration, but doesn’t break the bank like buying a server would, you should consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS provides the freedom and flexibility of a dedicated server while giving you the low price and manageability of a shared hosting account. Hostway’s VPS plans come with best-of-breed technology from trusted brands – Intel, Parallels, Microsoft – ensuring you enjoy high performance and reliable uptime.

Managed Magento Support


Included with Hara Partners Managed Magento Support services is a 24/7/265 help desk with phone, email and ticket support, so we are never out of reach. Additionally, we provide a daily report outlining any issues that have occurred or might occur so you’re always informed and part of the decision making process.


Issue Prevention and Strategic Planning:


Once your store is up and running in peak condition we can assess your risk factors and start taking measures to mitigate or prevent any issues. We’ll monitor your site’s uptime and performance so any issues are addressed promptly as well as using our proprietary site–auditing software Health Check to unearth any underlying issues with your site’s code so they can be addressed before causing any harm.


Set-up/Optimization Services:


Hara Partners’ team of Magento experts will make sure that you are getting the absolute maximum from Magento. Starting with the internal – we’ll review your core architecture and configuration settings – through to your back-end – importing and exporting and getting your reporting set-up – to the external – with branding and design assistance and SEO services – we’ll get your store in tip-top shape.


“I have been a customer of Hostway for many years and in the time I’ve enjoyed an outstanding relationship. From their customer service to their Technical support this firm has kept me completely satisfied and coming back as a customer. Thank you Hostway! ”

– Matthew
“I have tried several hosting companies and Hostway is by far the easiest to do business. No hassle, no hidden cost, everything I need for one price.”

– Daniel Gacek, BRAZIL

Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose Hostway:

    1. 1. The Best Value

Seemingly, there are many choices when it comes to picking a Web hosting provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes clear. Discover the reasons why Hostway is the right choice for you.

    1. 2. Trusted by More than 600,000 Customers Worldwide

Hostway’s number one asset is our growing base of loyal customers. Small and large businesses rely on Hostway to provide secure, reliable and value-rich Web hosting services.

    1. 3. Total Dedication to Customers’ Satisfaction

Superior support sets us apart from the bargain-basement Web hosts. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, 24/7 live support, so we’re there whenever you need us.

    1. 4. Over $100 Million Invested in Network Infrastructure

Since 1998, Hostway has consistently invested in building some of the most state-of-the-art Internet data centers around the world.

    1. 5. Easy-to-Use Technology

Hostway is at the forefront of driving ease-of-use in the Web hosting industry. Our internal R&D team continually develops convenient, intuitive tools.

    1. 6. Award-Winning Company

With a long history of earning honors, Hostway has received top rankings by KPMG, TopHosts, HostIndex, C/Net and other industry watchers.

    1. 7. Operating for Over 15 Years

Since its founding in 1998, Hostway has grown from a small cadre of people working in a single room to a corporation with 400 employees worldwide.

    1. 8. Valuable Content and Information

Find out how to build your own website, improve your existing site or attract Internet traffic in the Web Resources section of our website. It’s an extensive, frequently updated collection of articles on everything you need to succeed online.

    1. 9. We Grow with You

From managed servers to managed services, Hostway is right there with the support and additional services you need as your business grows.

    1. 10. Global Focus

Dedicated to global growth and expansion, Hostway has offices around the world in: Chicago, Illinois; Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Austin, Texas; Vancouver, British Columbia; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Antwerp, Belgium; Frankfurt and Hannover, Germany; Seoul, South Korea; Sydney, Australia and Mumbai, India.

“I have been with Hostway for five years. I have had at least three hosting plans, with Hostway over the years. Several domain name registrations over the five years. Hostway plans are attractively priced and Hostway technical support is very knowledgeable, they can resolve any problems you have with any issue you have with your Hostway Plan. Hostway offers excellent plans and service. I will continue to do business with hostway years to come.”

– Frank Grant
“About one year ago I purchased a plan with Hostway to host my production company’s (Vanishing Point Productions) first website, Setting up the service was simple, and the technical support team was excellent and prompt in answering our questions and concerns. Thanks to Hostway’s excellent Web hosting services our site has always come up quickly and efficiently. We have had numerous monthly visitors, and many have complemented us on the quality of design on our site, as well as the speed it is served. Hostway has really helped to get my company’s name out there and has greatly improved the reach of our product. Thank you.”

– Steve Rubin,

Data Backup

Protecting your data from unexpected catastrophes isn’t just a good idea – it’s a business necessity. Hardware and system failures, human error and virus infection are but a few of the unanticipated events that can cost thousands of dollars to repair and potentially halt your operations, no matter the size of your business. It’s imperative to have a data protection and recovery plan in place so that you never subject your organization to unnecessary risks.

Hostway backup solutions protect your critical data, simplify the management of data backup and recovery and provide consistent, reliable and secure data protection. As your business grows and your requirements change, you can cost-effectively upgrade, add options and extend solutions so your needs are always met. Hostway offers the following backup solutions.

Our Global Focus

Dedicated to global growth and expansion, Hostway has offices around the world in, including Chicago, Illinois; Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Austin, Texas; Vancouver, British Columbia; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Antwerp, Belgium; Frankfurt and Hannover, Germany; Seoul, South Korea; Sydney, Australia and Mumbai, India.

Network Availability

We guarantee that our network will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). Should a network outage occur, Hostway will credit the customer Day Credit of the server’s monthly fee for any downtime (Up to, but not exceeding 100% of one monthly payment. The credit will be applied toward future payments).
Hostway: Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting

Hostway Offers More Than The Competition

Not all Microsoft Hosted Exchange plans are created equal. Hostway offers the same advanced features with all Exchange plans whether you have 1 mailbox or 500 mailboxes. Stack us up against the competition in the chart below.


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Hostway: Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting