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Bongo International Shipping

Bongo International Shipping

Bongo was established in 2007 to enable global consumers to purchase and receive goods irrespective of their physical location. We focus on providing value added services which enhance your cross-border shopping experience and reduce the cost.

Why Go with Bongo?

Bongo works with both the consumer and the business. This creates a streamline process between the two groups, which helps the two come together. Bongo has the fastest solutions and the best shipping rates. This global expansion is protected from fraud, so businesses can focus on driving new business from international shippers.

Bongo’s philosophy is driven by the words ‘customer service’ and ‘quality.’ The main goal is to create a service that people enjoy and share with friends. Using a modular design, it creates a customized International eCommerce solution for online retailers.

5 Reasons to Do Business with Bongo International

    1. Bongo sends you a picture of what you ordered before it sends to ensure quality and correct items prior to paying for shipping fees, duty, and taxes.
    1. Bongo offers a personal shipping option to locate any hard-to-find items in the US and Europe.
    1. Express transt from over 200 countries.
    1. No disclosure of third party.
  1. Businesses keep 100% of their margins.


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“Thanks to Bongo’s outstanding service and prompt delivery, we were able to decorate the house with LED lights for the holidays. We live in a small village in Japan, so the lights are a treat for the neighbors on these dark wintry nights. We could not have found the variety of lights locally nor could we have afforded them – we saved hundreds of dollars using your service. Thank you so much for helping us celebrate the holidays!”

– Karen N., Japan

List of Features:

  • Easy to use shipping calculator for duty, taxes and shipping costs you can use before you buy.
  • Consolidation shipments are offered to save on cost. Shipments can be held up to 21 days.
  • Notification can be sent to your Facebook, Twitter or email accounts for the follow; when a shipment in your account was received, items were added to your inventory and your shipment has a tracking number.
  • Easy insurance can be used on your orders.
  • Translations are available in 16 different languages.
  • Processes 71 currencies.
  • Have 5 facilities in US East and West coasts, UK, Belgium, and Peru.
  • Deliveries in 3 days from Bongo locations to most countries.
  • Bongo has only bills for international shipping rates and $5.00 per box received.
  • Payment is easy. Bongo accepts the following payment options:

Bongo Export:

Bongo Export (formerly Connect) is a fully integrated eCommerce solution provides a seamless shopping experience for international customers while maintaining merchant brand integrity. Bongo Checkout is a modular eCommerce solution promotes safe acceptance of international eCommerce orders with guaranteed fraud protection. Bongo Extend is a powerful shopping cart plug-in that enables international shoppers to obtain shipping addresses in the US, EU, UK, and South America and make purchases from your eCommerce store immediately.

“Here is a photo of the TV (showing a typical London theme) with the family. And Bongo International made this possible! I would highly recommend to use Bongo for any US shopping in the future and at the moment with the low US Dollar it can really be worthwhile. My thanks to everyone at Bongo International for a speedy and efficient service. From a very satisfied customer.”

– Toni R., Tottenham London, UK

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