Tens of Thousands of Magento Sites at Heightened Security Risk

Adobe to integrate the Magento bug bounty program on September of 15

Tens of Thousands of Magento E-Commerce Sites at Heightened Security Risk

According to a report about Payment Card trade Security Standards Council meeting flags problems in deployments of Magento, a well-liked e-commerce platform.
Magento could be a common e-commerce platform, employed by near seventy-four thousands websites in America alone. And in step with new analysis, seventy-nine of them s are at heightened risk from cybercriminals.

Research on Magento E-commerce

Researchers at Foregenix analyzed quite one hundred seventy-thousands Magento websites and located that ninetieth of this co Magento is at this heightened risk, whereas roughly half-hour of these with Magento a company pair at the elevated risk level.
The heightened risk comes from unpatched vulnerabilities, as well as a pair of.3% of all the Magento websites that haven’t nonetheless patched for Magento steal, a vulnerability that was disclosed (and a patch created accessible for) in the Gregorian calendar month of 2015 for more delivered the results of their analysis in Oct at the Payment Card trade Security Standards Council EC Meeting in London.
Andrew Henwood a business executive, aforementioned during a ready statement, “While the figures for North America square measure of nice concern, they’re roughly in line with our findings for several alternative regions like Europe.” Later within the statement, he recognized that regular reparation, dynamic default settings on administration interfaces, and companies stronger passwords with multi-factor authentication will dramatically cut back the exposure of online e-commerce platforms and applications.
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