Mobile ecommerce – now a $40 billion market

E-commerce on the move is booming – more and more people are buying, selling, and accessing things from their cells and tablets. The 40 billion dollar figure is double last year, and based on a new study, the figure is set to hit 50 by the year’s end.

     This signifies a huge trend, because if you look back at 2010, the mobile retail figure was only 3%. But now, more than a third of online store visits come from mobiles.

     Apple of course is the dominant platform, but Samsung are snapping at their heels – the iPhone’s share of ecommerce has dropped (75% > 54%), and Samsung devices now account for 31% of sales.

     However, mobile ecommerce cannot crow just yet… because purchases from desktops still rule the roost, with 76% of consumers using them to buy… but according to a new Criteo study, this does not hold true.

     In store purchase holds the biggest sway over everything, as offline buying needs to be factored in to ecommerce.

Mobile e commerce is becoming part of the buying environment, not replacing it.


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