Malcolm Gladwell Keynote Speaker at Magento Imagine 2014

Magento Imagine 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas
Magento Imagine 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Malcolm Gladwell,  Author, Lecturer And Cultural Icon, Keynote Speaker at Magento Imagine 2014.

Malcolm T. Gladwell was born in England to a Jamaican-born mother (a psychotherapist) and English father (a math professor) in 1963. He is an accomplished author and respected journalist known for his unique perspectives on science research and social issues. He authored five books that were on The New York Times Best Seller list which are; The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Outliers: The Story of Success, What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures (a collection of his journalism), David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants and Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. His books and journalism are noted for dealing with unexpected conclusions of research in genres of psychology, social psychology and sociology.

Gladwell’s father was a math and engineering professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada where Malcolm was allowed to roam the halls and offices of the university which sparked his interest in libraries and literature. In high school Malcolm excelled at long distance running placing first in the 1,500 meter championship race in 1978. He attended college at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1984 with a degree in History.

Malcolm Gladwell is noted for finding implausible outcomes in what is considered mundane research which is the foundation of his success in the lecture circuit and as an author. Undaunted by challenging research he exhibits brilliant curiosity uncovering and documenting facts buried in peculiar data. He once had a popular blog that addressed a variety of topics from steroids in professional sports to serial killers.

As an author Malcolm Gladwell has notable accomplishments attributed to his success. His book The Tipping Point (released in 2000) was listed as one of the best literary works of the decade by Amazon customers, The Times, The Guardian and The A.V. Club. The book was also the fifth bestselling nonfiction book for Barnes and Nobles of the decade. His book Blink was voted the fifth favorite book by Amazon customer’s in 2005 and best nonfiction book by The Christian Science Monitor. It was also in the top 50 list of favorite books by Amazon customers for the decade. The book Outliners was number 1 on The New York Times Bestseller list for 11 consecutive weeks and voted Time’s number 10 best nonfiction book in 2008. The San Francisco Chronicle had Outliners listed as one of the best 50 nonfiction books in 2008. In 2005 he was added to Time’s 100 Most Influential People.

Malcolm Gladwell has an impressive career and has influenced millions with his books and articles addressing a range of topics spanning race relations, sports, music, social issues and many topics. He has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996 and lectures across the world sometimes for free and has been known to command $45,000 per speaking engagement. He is respected and has his share of critics. However, despite the opinions of his supporters and detractors he will most likely be written in history books as a great contributor to the literary arts.

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