Magento won’t ditch the bug bounty online program

Magento won’t ditch the bug bounty online program

Magento won’t ditch the bug bounty online program

Magento is the biggest e commerce platform for the online store owners. As they have announced that they will end the bug bounty Magento program on the 15th of September following uproar form the users. That created a mess for the bug hunters, hackers and developers who earn 100 dollars to 1000 dollars for reporting the weakness code in the working software.
Moving to the past this announcement was made on the bug bounty program page of bug community. This page is popular for its bug crowd for delivering security bugs. News spread like fire every one try its best to get the news revoked. As the Magento rolled down this program into adobes scheme. But this decision doesn’t stand for long period of time. Magento revoke its decision.

Magento will continue the program for bug community

Adobes make Magento a big bunch of profit by giving them 1.68 billion earlier this year. That is fantastic type of figure for the e commerce market. Some of the experts don’t like the scheme according to their perception it was just a Magento root which moves its source. More than that it could be more difficult for them t get the open Magento source platform. Well they publish their statement on their official page.

Magento big news or the bug hunters

We realize our announcement on September 10 about aligning the Magento bug bounty program to the Adobe vulnerability disclosure program has caused concerns. We want to make it clear that we will carry over the existing bounty payment schedule to newly reported Magento bugs to the Adobe program. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the security research community to improve the security of the Magento platform.
– Magento.
This was the best news for the bug community in this season. Now they can participate whenever they want.

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