Magento NetSuite Integration: Part I – Why Choose These Platforms

Magento NetSuite Integration

Win the Battle for Online Supremacy with Today’s Top Tech.Magento Netsuite Integration

At first glance today’s global, internet-based marketplace would be all but unrecognizable to even the most imaginative merchant from any of a thousand bygone eras. But in one area it’s unchanged, remaining exactly the same as every bazaar, souk or mall that preceded it: the competition is cutthroat. Entering the online arena, like its more tangible predecessor, with a less-than ideal arsenal is to tempt fate by handing your opposition the advantage that may ultimately lead to your online demise; as Machiavelli said best, “before all else, be armed”. Today, in lieu of chest-plate and shield retail gladiators turn to a more sophisticated, high-tech suite of weaponry like industry specific back-end business solutions, customized storefronts and targeted marketing. And like the massive and bloody campaigns of the great Caesars, success online more-often-than-not hinges on superior technology.

What Makes Magento Special?

When it comes to e-commerce there is no tech that outguns Magento. Built on an open source core for limitless expansion and boasting an unrivaled arsenal of extensions and add-ons, Magneto is the aircraft carrier of the e-tail battlefield. And with over 12 million on(line)trepreneurs already using Magento as their platform of choice, it has the popularity to match its credentials.
Magento comes stocked with all the pieces necessary to run your business: marketing, promotional and SEO tools; a robust analytics and reporting suite; and an advanced shipping interface for your back end. And for the front end, a shopping cart with one-page checkout capabilities, and product search and comparison functionalities. In short, you can create a robust and fully functional e-commerce website right out of the box. And Magento’s user friendly interface will leave even the computer illiterate smiling. In fact, one of Magento’s strengths is the ease with which e-tailers and their customers can comfortably use the platform with little-to-no learning curve. What makes Magento truly special, however, is its open source core, which allows anyone access to the code used in building the platform and gives them the freedom to manipulate it for a given task. This has led developers to create a vast resource of high-quality apps, add-ons and extensions for the platform, which makes Magento adaptable for just about any undertaking. Additionally, this malleability has created a marketplace in which each product is available in multiple iterations, each with a slightly different focus or specialization. Finally, Magento’s open source code allows developers to integrate Magento with virtually any other business software, giving e-tailers almost unlimited customizability.

To begin transforming your E-commerce experience now Magento NetSuite Connector.

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In Part II of Magento + NetSuite we’ll take a look at why NetSuite is the ideal ERP for your e-commerce site.

In Part III of Magento + NetSuite we’ll discuss what is entailed in integrating the two systems and examine an actual integration case study.

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