List of GDPR Implication for Digital Marketing

List of GDPR Implication for Digital Marketing

List of GDPR Implication for Digital Marketing

It’s hard to deny the fact that your business has nothing to do with European Union.  Now European Union has activated its GDPR (General Data Protection regulation. This regulation is implemented on all organizations including SME’s, Multinationals. It is basically a Canadian anti-spam litigation on cracks which that in their words means so called steroids.

This law is implemented on all institutions and organizations that use European data for their processing. “Processing personal data isn’t a core part of your business and your activity doesn’t create risks for individuals,”

Digital Marketing is covering the entire internet

Along with this, this regulation is covering the entire internet worldwide. Following are the main postulates of this law.

  • You must collect and process only the personal data (‘data minimization’) that is necessary to fulfill that purpose.
  • Personal data must be processed in a lawful and transparent manner, ensuring fairness towards the individuals whose personal data you’re processing (‘lawfulness, fairness and transparency’).
  • You must ensure the personal data is accurate and up to date, having regard to the purposes for which it’s processed, and correct it if not (‘accuracy’).
  • You must install appropriate technical and organizational safeguards that ensure the security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technology (‘integrity and confidentiality’).”
  • You can’t further use the personal data for other purposes that aren’t compatible with the original purpose of collection.

So, while using mobile data and digital marketing. Keep one thing in mind that Brusel is watching you. This General Data Product Regulation is keeping an eye on all marketing practices of all companies worldwide.  So, beware and use cookies carefully.

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