How much does a Magento website cost?

How much does a Magento website cost?

How much does a Magento website cost?

Magneto is your first choice if you are running an online store due its quality, flexibility, credibility and customization. It is a huge platform giving you a proper commerce base. If you want to have a credible commerce platform you just need to buy a Magento website.

What is Magneto website?

It is a website made up of the open source technology giving the privilege of shopping cart system to the online retailers.  It as well keeps an eye on the each and every function of the online store. But the question is still there about the cost of Magneto website. Its cost depends on its different feature which you want for your online store. In order to know about its pricing system, you need to understand the difference between Magneto community edition, and Magneto enterprise. Its cost totally depends what you need? Magneto has two main options:

  • Magneto community
  • Magneto enterprise

Magneto community cost:

It is free you can download. The best advantage of Magneto is you can have the functions community and enterprise edition

Magneto enterprise:

Magneto enterprise cost between 17000 and 25000. It has the functions of community edition as well. it is designed for the complex online store.

How much does a Magneto website cost to build?

You need a web developer who is skilled in Magneto. There are some specific costs include in it buying from other site hosting and organizing it.

What is the hourly rate for Magneto developers?

They hourly charge 100 to 250 and they are skilled in Magneto web developing. They are best in web integration, customization, and implementation using Magneto.
Magneto themes:
It has certain themes which you select according to your online store demand.

  • The template
  • The graphic aesthetical look

How much does a Magneto website cost to host?

It costs to host from 15 to 100 and totally depends on how wide your business is. Magneto website costs to host according to the size of the online store.

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