Free Shipping – How It Can Raise Your Business’s Average Order Value


Free Shipping – How It Can Raise Your Business’s Average Order Value

Many online retailers offer free shipping to their customers.  But only if they spend over a certain amount of money.  For example, $50.  This technique has already generated success since customers will add more to their carts.  They will do this to reach the free shipping threshold. But what if your online retailing business can gain even more profit by utilizing this free shipping technique?  

X Dollars to Free Shipping

If you add a place in the customer’s cart page telling them that they have so many dollars to spend before they reach the free shipping threshold, they are more likely to add more items to their cart.  This looming reminder acts as clever trickery to make them buy more. If you want, you can display this “x dollars to free shipping” reminder in you header, cart page and even product page.  Almost immediately this will raise your average order value.  Moreover, this will increase conversion rate.  This involves transforming the amount of website visitors into paying customers.  And free shipping translates much better than paid shipping to customers.  Since customers are always searching for some consolation which will make them feel better about spending their money.  


Get Your Customer’s Money

Free shipping has proven to be successful in tabbing the customer’s unconscious desire for a good deal.  Adding this new tool in the header and customer page will make the customer even more inclined to add more items to their cart.  Hence, they will spend more money and increase your business’s profit greatly. This tool is pretty much a gold mine.  And it consists of your customers’ money. It is a quick and simple way to trick customers into spending more.  So what are you waiting for?  Add this free shipping reminder to your business’s website today.

Free shipping can lift your conversion rate.  But if you are worried about free shipping decreasing your profit margins, visit:

This link will lead you to a page which describes in detail how you can ensure profit utilizing the free shipping option.

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