E-commerce Meetup BAMs and Dr Jays Review September 2014

E-commerce Meetup BAMs and Dr Jays Review September 2014


Hello E-commerce fans,

As some of you might already be aware, we have an e-commerce meetup coming up on October 29th. So as the protocol goes every month, let’s go back in time for just a bit and review our last e-commerce meetup on payment processes with Tom Waters and Mauricio Rubio.

We had a slight change of location for our last e-commerce metup. Instead of scheduling a get-together in our usual spot (the conference room next to where we work—I know, quite the commute…) we decided to head to the fabulous Brokers Heaven Loft Space, located at 333 Park Avenue South.

This turned out to be a wonderful location, with a wealth of modern artworks scattered rampantly all over the walls. One of our copywriters even took his time to goof around when he was supposed to be signing in the guests.


Can you guess which one of our employees stepped in to ruin this picture?


Mauricio Rubio, who works as the Director of Business Development at Dr. Jays, started off the event with a slideshow presentation on international payment methods, PCI compliance and tokenization, and domestic versus global platforms.

One of his key points dealt with the steps that are taken to prevent fraud for whenever a user has to make a payment (a reassuring note for many of the attendees, who usually come to each e-commerce meetup equipped with many concerns about security and privacy).

After Mauricio, Tom Waters from BAMs stepped in to offer a very animated presentation on various Magento features, and then explained the benefits of payment aggregators such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square versus the traditional credit card processors.

For much of the talk, he seemed to be in favor of Paypal, but endorsed Stripe for international payments. After his presentation, the conversation focused largely on international payments, which seemed to be a concern for many of our attendees in the same way that security was a primary concern for Mauricio’s presentation.

As always, there were plenty of chips and drinks to keep everyone comfortable. Our head of Business Development, Sam Baron, also had to leave early for a Goruck event, which left a depressing ambiance in the air for all who were present (particularly the ladies).

But overall, this was a very kickass event, and we look forward to matching it with our next e-commerce meetup, coming this October 29th—so mark your calendars!

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