E-commerce Meet Up Review October 2014, with Ali Hodroj

Hello e-Commerce fans,

We recently had an e-commerce meet up on October 29, which focused on the back-end of running e-commernce. Since there were many High Holidays, we decided to push the date back to accommodate. As always, we had plenty of food and drinks for everyone!

Once again for this e-commerce meet up, we moved the location to another Jay Suites location on 34th street. We had an amazing conference room with a beautiful terrace view of the Empire State Building. There was just enough space for all of our guests.

e-commerce meet up

Key Point from Our E-Commerce Meet Up

Ali Hodroj, Director of Solution Architecture and Technology Evangelist for Gigaspace, spoke about scaling e-commerce with in-memory computing. The company works with small and large organizations within financial services, retail, telecommunications, and internet media on Cloud Computing, In-Memory Computing and Scalability use cases.

When businesses get over loaded with customers, like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s generally because their websites are unable to hold the capacity needed. Gigaspaces help turn traffic into buying customers at a much quicker rate. They also help the webpage expand their capacity to handle the excessive traffic.

Gigaspace helps by controlling and optimizing the Omni-Channel. That way, different interfaces, like smart phones and tablets, are accounted for when moderating traffic. They streamline content and data to ensure fast check out speeds, especially during holiday seasons.

Gigaspace also focuses on personalization and analytics to improve your business and check out speeds. Most importantly, businesses can focus on their legacy integration to help their business grow.

Many times businesses will loose money because their website can’t handle high traffic and crash. Gigaspace helps reduce cost by keeping website functioning and helping consumers quickly check out.

You can watch the entire presentation on our YouTube page.

Overall, this was a very insightful and engaging e-commerce meet up. Hopefully you are aware of your upcoming e-commerce meet up on wednesday, November 12th. If you haven’t given us your rsvp, please sign up on our page on Meetup.com.

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