Dotmailer: Magento marketing integrated automation

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E-commerce announced a new dotmailer for Magento marketing automation integration

Recently, e-commerce has announced a new dotmailer just for the purpose of Magento marketing automation integration. Now, the merchants are leverage more easily in the real estimation data storage time, just to create the multichannel campaigns that are helpful in reducing the abandonment of shopping cart or to increase the customer loyalty. Meanwhile, it can deliver the customers satisfaction toward the impactful experience.

With the help of personalized marketing for the business driver, strong ROI is quite essential for digital marketing cross-channel. There are 95% marketers who say that the email remains a demanded process of digital marketing, which is very important for organizations.  However, the dotmailer integration design makes life easy and provides executive customer campaigns authorities from the dashboard of operative or driver growth.

Capabilities of the Magento dotmailer marketing automation:

What is the dotmailer? It’s a technology for long time premiere, which provides the marketing data-driven automation technology aspects. With the help or without the help of box integrations, merchants get the immediate access for immediate benefit access. Consider the marketing tool first because of targeted driven or personalized campaign access. The following are the most important capabilities of the dotmailer

  1. Advancements: the hyper-personalization or the advancement segmentations lead to the real-time while using the Magento data storage.With the custom campaigns advancements, the dotmailer marketing dashboard will lead to the level of operative effectiveness.

  1. Campaigns: automation campaigns are helpful for the Magento platform because of push notification, SMS, CRM or different channels.

  1. Drag and drop: it’s quite an effective tool that is helpful for making the marketing campaigns creations or provides easy and quick access.
Trail dotmailer specifically designed for Magento

However, in this manner, the email transactions will lead to the level of satisfaction. All customers can get easy access to in the 14 days trail dotmailer which are specifically designed for Magento marketing automation.