December e-Commerce Meetup Review

Thank you everyone who came out last Wednesday to join us for the e-Commerce Meetup.

We had a very interesting group and some interesting discussions. Find a list of topics here and please feel free to use the comments below to ask follow up questions.

IRIS - Integrated Reporting Is Simple
IRIS – Integrated Reporting Is Simple

1. Rafael introduced an advanced reporting called IRIS (which stands for Integrated Reporting Is Simple), utilizing your merchant banking information to show every aspect of your business. Associated with IRIS is BAMS, a merchant processor.



Baked Bouquet
Baked Bouquet

2. Wassam introduced a great new gift idea called Baked Bouquet, which will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned.

3. If you haven’t heard of Sweetest Day, it’s a holiday in October created by the candy industry (

4. Damon and Greg from OrderGroove joined the Meetup. OrderGroove provides and advanced subscription and re-ordering platform. The OrderGroove Magento module has been built by Hara Partners.

5. Jun gave an overview of web caching and acceleration technologies and presented as example of a Magento merchant who has been performance optimized by the Hara Partners team.

Please leave a comment here for questions and points we forgot. And we hope to see you all next month.

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