Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Every hot profession has dozens of myths around it. Mobile design is no different.The misunderstandings usually come in the form of UX Myths.It’s common for those who have just came into profession to see mobile design as infinite field of creativity and inspiration. Well, partly, the creative aspect of mobile design is just a myth. Continue reading “Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX”

Best trending designs for the Mobile phone in 2018

Best trending designs for the Mobile phone in 2018

Best trending designs for the Mobile phone in 2018

Best trending designs for the Mobile phone in 2018

The mobile phone is the only way to communicate with others. According to the report of comScore, about 70% of the population is spending their time in digital media, it means mobile phone comes in trendy. It’s quite important to pay attention in a mobile phone. To look trendy and fashionable you need to consider best mobile designs, here are some sort of trendy designs are given:
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PayPal teams integrated with Magento and ebizmart

PayPal teams integrated with Magento and ebizmart

PayPal teams integrated with Magento and ebizmart

PayPal combining in the ebizmart’s mobile app

PayPal is working with ebizmart, POS (point-of-sale) company just to help the retailers for digital and POS payments.

According to the Mobile Payments Today, the mobile card or PayPal will be combining in the ebizmart’s mobile app (Magento), with the combination of technology a retailer get help from the online inventory. In additional, customer request, return, products, orders, pricing, coupons and returns can easily managed.

PayPal is offering a mainstream of banking service

In these days, PayPal is not focusing on making life easy, due to several other aspects. In the early aspects of the months, it is reported by The Wall Street Journal the company is slighted offered the unbanked facility, while offering the mainstream of the banking service. However, the PayPal are offering the basic aspects of consumer with the help of digital wallet of platforms, also the insurance offering with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations, which is scale up with the limited set of place.

For deposit, some limitations are placed by the governments and images are captured in this manner. Meanwhile, employees have the opportunity to deposit their wages into the account; with the help of debit card anyone can withdraw their money.

Consumers can conduct financial activities with advanced PayPal services

According to one report, PayPal are offering the best option that is consumer can move toward trend of overlooking with the traditional banking sector. Individual are getting the check cashing and many other conducting toward the financial activities. However, the form is charging with the monthly fees, which is setting toward the minimum requirements of account balance.

However, the PayPal don’t have the opportunity of the banking license, as a result, the functioning of the company is depending upon the hodgepodge. With the Delaware Bank, the firm signs a deal just for the purpose of issuing the debit card, also agreements are signed with the Georgia bank via photos for legal activities.

Best prototyping tool for testing Mobile design or Web page

Best prototyping tool for testing Mobile design or Web page

Best prototyping tool for testing Mobile design or Web page

Best prototyping tool for testing Mobile design or Web page

An integral part of design known as Prototyping, it let your team review, comment and share the feedback of the project in the early stage. While creating, mobile app or website interactive mockup, you can identify the usability and flow of the shortcoming designs. Here are given the five type of prototyping:
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Mobile e-commerce growth

Mobile e-commerce

Mobile e-commerce

Mobile e-commerce

There is no doubt that smartphones have taken over our lives. Almost everywhere you look there is someone carrying a smartphone in their hand. This has been partly attributed to the age of abundance. 30 years ago 90% of the world population could not afford a mobile phone, but over the past decade, the amount of smartphones owned by individuals has exploded. Even poor countries now have a high rate of mobile phone ownership. The use of smartphone ownership has also had an effect on mobile e-commerce. More people use mobile devices than personal computers therefore over the next couple of years mobile e-commerce is going to overtake web-based e-commerce. More people are going to purchase products on their mobile phones than on personal computers.

Mobile e-commerce conversions    

Mobile e-commerce conversions are soon going to be the largest drivers of e-commerce sales. E-commerce sales are already been driven by mobile applications. Since most people are now frequent users of smartphones. Companies are now leveraging this popularity of mobile phones in order to drive sales on their e-commerce sites.

Mobile applications role in mobile e-commerce  

It is obvious that mobile applications have become central to the mobile e-commerce sector. Most companies have developed mobile apps for their e-commerce stores. Since e-commerce depends so much on mobile conversions it is a wise move to put the focus on developing mobile-friendly e-commerce websites.
Mobile advertising’s role in mobile e-commerce
Content that is specifically tailored for mobile e-commerce is important in mobile advertising. Marketing experts should concentrate on creating content that is mobile friendly. This includes creating content that targets mobile users specifically. Apps such as Instagram are mobile-tailored apps this means they can be used by marketing experts to find mobile e-commerce customers.

Take Your Business Mobile with a Magento App

In the recent decades e-commerce has grown up and in recent years moved beyond the Internet to mobile, which has lead to an explosion in number of Magento Apps.

Since the rise of smartphones and the ubiquitous availability of handheld devices and fast cellular technology, the concept of e-Commerce has evolved into Mobile Commerce. Magento has provided advanced Magento App support early on in its products to fully support applications on the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. Magento also facilitates the registration process of your Magento App in the Google Play store or iTunes. And more and more entrepreneurs are inspired by the new possibility and they are working hard on bringing great value to your fingertips.

The numbers for mobile commerce and apps

Flash sales websites and certain sectors published mobile user rates of 30-40%, which fuel the mobile hype to come. Is the excitement about mobile real or is it another bubble? And what does it mean for you?

First you should start with your realities and numbers. Are your shoppers visiting you using mobile devices? Are these devices mobile phones or tablets? Counting tablets as mobile devices has driven up the statistics in favor of mobile users. However, it is important to distinguish between mobile phones and tablets as the user experience can be drastically different.

Based on your business and industry you may have a large portion mobile users. If you do have a large portion of visitors browsing your website from mobile devices with low conversion rates, you may want to seriously consider providing them with an optimized Magento App.

The question becomes much more difficult if your website is not mobile friendly at the moment and you may not be able to adequately measure the impact of these shoppers on your bottom line.

If you do consider a Magento App, what will it do?

Businesses usually require much resources and rich IT infrastructure where they can cope with customers and manage their product line, at the same time. A Magento App could help you streamline your business, or it could attract more shoppers.

Although mobile commerce has been a concept for a while there is a perceivable uptake in the mobile buzz as more and more players enter this market and provide a greater variety of Magento Apps. Depending on your Magento App it can provide you with the complete ability to manage your store such as your product catalog, inventory, and reporting. It obviously can also bring your shopping experience to your customers on mobile devices, which brings advantages such as an improved checkout experience and better conversion rates with it.

There are different reasons to build a Magento App for your business, including the ability to customize your mobile experience, market your brand in different markets, and elevate your brand.

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Mobile E-Commerce Trends

mobile e-commerce

Armando Roggio put together some great observations on the state of mobile e-commerce—namely, three important recent trends that may change your outlook on the playing field. As the fastest-growing retail segment, mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) represents tremendous opportunity for business owners with the resources and foresight to use it to their advantage.

Tablet Sales

ComScore’s analysis of Q4 2012 statistics indicates that around 12% of U.S. e-commerce purchases originated from smartphones or tablets. What’s the reason? Ease of use and novel user experience, mainly. Things have really taken off since general consumer adoption exhibited an uptick in 2011. Since then, tablets in particular have hosted a number of apps designed to replicate the desktop buying experience in a bid to appropriate consumer preference. And it’s working: in 2011, Google found that 43% of tablet users spent more time there than on their desktops, not to mention the 33% who preferred their tablet to their TV.

As tablet use eases further and further into the limelight, eMarketer predicts that tablet-based purchases will capture up to 9.4% of all retail e-commerce sales this year and eventually 16.9% by 2016. It’s especially interesting to compare these figures with smartphones, which despite an early lead have fallen somewhat by the wayside, accounting for just 5.3% of this year’s retail e-commerce sales. This could generate more specialized marketing efforts down the line. For example, actual offers and clickable banners could show up more on tablets, while price comparison and similar auxiliary shopping applications could be relegated to smartphones.

Tablet Video

Meanwhile, in slightly more predictable fashion, mobile video consumption is on the rise, with Adobe reporting 10% growth in Q4 2012. Though it may be too early for definitive answers, experts say that this reflects the general tablet user demographic: early adopters with more substantial discretionary income, greater capacity for travel, and tech fluency as evidenced by multiple media subscriptions across several channels. And these studies would be remiss in omitting a central fact of tableteering: more screen real estate equals a more pleasurable viewing experience when it comes to video. Business Insider Australia points to video consumption as a primary driver for tablet usage as of late. With this in mind, it would behoove marketers to invest more into mobile video for their tablet audiences, where higher production value for explanatory animations, product demonstrations, and testimonials will be more likely to be appreciated.

The Male Gaze

This one may come as a shock: turns out that men are more likely to make online purchases via mobile than women, according to a recent report by Kantar Media Global TGI. This holds true for the U.S., U.K., and Australia, where mobile shopping affinity consistently shows up to a 2.6% lead among men in comparison with the fairer sex. Hard to say why as of right now—more opportunities for conspicuous consumption? Downtime during the commute? In any case, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy: recognizing this, marketers may utilize male-targeted advertisements and media properties to reinforce these behaviors by depicting even more widespread male mobilization. Whether the metrics even out with time remains to be seen.

Choosing the Right Magento Hosting Partner

Magento is an ornery program. To function optimally, a Magento store requires the careful   and measured actions of an experienced tender, and the proper conditions in which to blossom. In this piece I’d like to discuss the external, or environmental, side of the equation, and talk about how to choose the ideal Magento hosting partner.

Magento Hosting, why is this important?

As mentioned above, Magento is a particularly large and complex program and can easily become weighted down by the myriad processes it must handle, becoming a lumbering oafish thing, taking far longer than needed to perform tasks it should handle with ease – like an athlete gone to seed. Lowered page load times are a bad thing. In fact, more than a few studies have been performed to try and understand the relationship between page load times and conversions, and from their results it seems pretty clear that the two variables are inexorably and strongly inversely connected. Or, in layman’s terms, – the longer it takes your page to load times the worse your conversions will be.  Choosing an improper Magento hosting partner could send your load times into a downward spiral.

What to look for in a Magento Hosting Partner.

This is no time to save a few a bucks by being someone’s guinea pig – find a company that has lots of prior experience with Magento hosting, and ask for references like past clients. Once you are convinced of the company in question’s expertise with Magento, you can begin to look at how they fit your business. Some things to consider: do they have a plan that fits your needs – do you have seasonal merchandise which would heavier traffic at some times? If you do business overseas it may make sense to use a CDN – can this company accommodate?

In truth, finding the right Magento hosting partner doesn’t require much more than common sense – find a company that has many Magento customers and chances are good that they can handle anything you could throw at them.

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