The Benefits of SEO and PR Working Together


The Benefits of SEO and PR Working Together

The advantages of SEO and PR working together are increasing by the day.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the time in which SEO and PR existed as separate identities.  Yet, in this constantly evolving digital landscape, SEO and PR are feeling the benefits of working closely together.

SEO and PR Unite to Produce Quality Content

Since its decision to place more  importance on the quality of content, Google requires sites to write excellent and engaging content.  PR professionals can target bigger publications with superior content linking to specific sites.  This fusion of links and content ties search engine optimization, and public relations.

Good content will simultaneously inspire people to share online.  It will also boost brand awareness.  Joint SEO and PR goals develop stronger digital marketing plans.  This will attract awareness of brands. Increased sales can be achieved if SEO and PR aims are fused together.  For example, if they co-operate on activities such as blogging.  Blog content requires interesting material.  It is content that brings SEO and PR together.


Social Media

Social media sites are treasure for attracting interest in your website via incoming links. With the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Instagram, it is essential to build relationships with social media users who have already attracted avid readerships.  On average, Facebook gains 600 million active users every month.  That’s roughly a gain of 600,000 new users everyday.   Social media sites are great ways to increase the attention paid to your site by attracting their readers to it.

Links from key publishers remain the best kind.  But, it does not hurt whatsoever to form alliances with those bloggers, and individuals on the internet.  They can help boost your online presence.


Communication Between SEO and PR Departments

One problem arises from the partnership of SEO and PR.  The SEO department simply must communicate with the PR department.  Or else one department will be unaware of certain updates.  Ultimately, this will result in two copies of similar material.  It will double the workload.  This could easily be averted by communication.

However, if these two departments can communicate, and achieve the support of bloggers, the benefits of SEO and PR working together are endless.

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