A key Formula to Success in Digital Marketing 2018

A key Formula to Success in Digital Marketing 2018

A key Formula to Success in Digital Marketing 2018

It’s a kind of trendy question that how to turn into a successful digital marketer?  The logic behind this demand is that nowadays, digital marketing is the most advance and convenient kind of method to make a reputed name in the market.  Good Digital Marketing skills enable a person to start his own business.  But to get that sort of success the former requirement “good marketing skills” are quite significant. In this article I am going to pay attention to general statistics of digital marketing 2018 and ways to become a successful digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Statistics 2018:

In this era of technology, no one can deny the significance of Digital and social media marketing. Still, if you have any doubt you can check statistics of Digital marketing of January 2018 worldwide.

  • East Asia: 947 million users
  • Southern Asia: 673 million users
  • Western Europe: 175 million users
  • Western Africa: 147 million users
  • Northern Europe: 98 million users
  • Central Asia: 36 million users
  • Southeast Asia: 380 million users
  • North America: 320 million users
  • South America: 290 million users
  • Caribbean: 21 million users
  • Middle Africa: 20 million user
  • Central Asia: 36 million users
  • Southern Africa: 34 million users

Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a step by step procedure. These steps are key ingredients of a brilliant Digital Marketing. Simply read these points, I hope it will prove helpful to you.

  • Sequence your Toolbars
  • Make effective SEO strategies
  • Use Social Media platforms(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram as well)
  • Present your advertisement to a targeted audience
  • Analyse your activities and competitors activities on daily basis.
  • Make brand attractive to the client by choosing informative content and a strong brand display.
  • Use appropriate keywords to boost your brand at top of the Google.
  • Just be consistent and loyal to your work and you will become a successful digital marketer soon.


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