Web development and web design roles in e-commerce

Web development

Web developmentWeb design and web development in e-commerce

Web design and web development have become a major player in the way we think about e-commerce. There is no one who will willingly go onto a site that has a terrible user experience. There is a correlation between an e-commerce web design and the success of the websites.  The web development sector is set to grow with more than 24% in the next three years. E-commerce web development is the main sector in web development.

E-commerce Web development

E-commerce web development is mainly done for customs e-commerce websites. In order to create a website, web developers need to code using python, c++ or java coding languages. Coding is the process of giving a computer or machine specific instructions to do. This is a highly complex task that needs the web developer to be well trained. To train for web development one can go to a web development boot camp or take an online Associate’s degree program for two years. Web development boot camps typically take 6 months. This gives the front end web developer a chance to learn how to develop e-commerce websites. The web development course is comprehensive.

Web design and web development in e-commerce  

Web designers and web developers have a big role to play in the e-commerce sector. Most e-commerce web templates are created by web designers and web developers. The difference between a web designer and a web developer is the fact that a web designer mostly is no the graphics designing sector. The web developer is the one who codes the entire e-commerce website. The web developer has got a more complex role in the e-commerce sector. The salaries also defer. The web developer earns more than the web designer.

A simple analysis of e-commerce trends.

E-commerce trends over the past couple of years

The e-commerce market has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years. Since the beginning of the 21st century we have seen the growth of incredible companies such as Amazon, and eBay. It is clear that over the past couple of years humans have become more comfortable with buying their products online, instead of going to a conventional retail store to wait in the line in order to check out an item by the register. The rise of blockchain technology was due in part to the rise of e-commerce and the desire for people to remain as anonymous as possible. One e-commerce site that captured the headlines was Silk Road. Silk Road was a dark net e-commerce site which is infamous for selling illegal stuff such as cocaine, marijuana, guns, child porn and stolen credit cards. This shows that people had become more comfortable in buying stuff from people they know nothing about.

E-commerce trends forecast

In 2017 e-commerce companies like Amazon grew by more than 20%. The market cap of Amazon is due to its dominance in fields such as cloud computing, and e-book retail dominance. This has led investors to pump money into the e-commerce giant. This is mainly due to the fact that Amazon has proven to have a bright future. However, Amazon is being put under monopoly scrutiny by both the European Union and the United States government. Some speculators believe that Amazon is going to be broken down into smaller companies.

Mobile e-commerce trends

Mobile e-commerce has picked up pace over the past few years. The mobile e-commerce trends are on the rise throughout the globe, especially in the East Asian market. It is estimated that by 2020 40% of all e-commerce purchases are going to be done through mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones.
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Study shows how Generation Z shoppers behave

Generation Z shoppers

Generation Z shoppers

Digital marketers will find the recent survey conducted by IBM and the National Retail Foundation about Generation Z shoppers very interesting and useful. Members of this generation, who were born before the turn of the century, have been on the radar of many brands. These firms will further understand how this generation behaves by learning the findings of the said survey:

1. Generation Z shoppers like innovative and tech-driven stores

Members of this generation already make up a quarter of the population in the United States so brands should update their online stores to attract Gen Z shoppers.  New online store technologies like interactive screens, smartphone self checkout and virtual-try ons are some of those innovations that brands should incorporate in their online stores.

2. Generation Z shoppers rely on their phone when shopping.

Gen Zers walk around with a smartphone in their hand, whether they step into a shopping mall or hang out in a coffee shop.  Their smartphones are particularly helpful when they shop as they use it for reading product reviews and comparing prices.

This trend suggests that retailers should work with the smartphone habits of the younger generation. For instance, creating an app or rolling out a virtual reality store can make the shopping experience for Gen Zers as seamless as possible.

3.  Generation Z shoppers are influenced by social media

For many members of Generation Z, social media is a vital part of their shopping experience. In fact, a study by RetailDIVE showed that 8 out of 10 purchases by Gen Zers are influenced by social media. This is not really a surprising fact because these shoppers grew up with social media.

However, brands should not only focus on Facebook advertising. This is a generation who hates pop-up ads because they view it as like an invasion of privacy. Instead, brands should focus on things that can catch the attention of the younger generation such as coming up with entertaining content that Gen Zers can share on their social media accounts.

Supreme Court struggles more in the case of sales tax with e-commerce, U.S

Supreme Court struggles more in the case of sales tax with e-commerce, U.S

Supreme Court struggles more in the case of sales tax with e-commerce, U.S

U.S Supreme Court heard cases of online retailers on the sales tax collection

WASHINGTON: on Tuesday, the U.S Supreme Court appeared with the hesitant just to let the online retailer out-of-state on the purchase of sales tax collection, while someone saying Congress has the power to resolve the matter.

A one-hour argument heard by the nine-justice, with closely watched case, just to put the South Dakota, backed to the administration of President Donald Trump, against considering the business of e-commerce, potentially, billions of dollar are used in this fight, it’s a worth of affective states “consumer and coffers” wallets.

Justices heard many cases on sales tax

On the issue of sales tax, the Justice heard many cases against the trumpet’s criticism backdrop of Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), which is the dominant player.

However, South Dakota asked potentially to justices about the overturn of Supreme Court precedent 1992, which can’t be required to collect the retailer’s sales tax unless, the physical presence of a business in the existing state. Online retailer Wayfair (W.N) out-of-state, Newegg Inc and Overstock.com Inc (OSTK.O) are contesting the authority of South Dakota for the purpose of sales tax collection and won the value of lower courts.


Gorsuch asked why court favors a particular model for business? While considering the e-commerce reference companies, who are not collecting the sales taxes

Kennedy said, the decision proved incorrect and it is indicated with the responsibility of court instead of waiting for the Congress act. However, a similar point made by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also saying that it was not the job of a congress.

Some justices appeared because they agree with the statement that the company is ruling the striking down in the North Dakota case, which would lead to scrambling the laws to overcome the small business burden.

How BlueCherry Can Help Advance Your Company’s Omnichannel Planning


How CGS’s BlueCherry Can Help Advance Your Company’s Omnichannel Planning

BlueCherry Enterprise Software by CGS provides businesses with the platform to gain omnichannel success.  In the present omnichannel market, companies have to handle many pressures.  Some of these include controlling operational costs, reducing product time to market and improving website visibility.  BlueCherry helps its clients succeed in competing and succeeding in the industry.


What is the Omnichannel Market?

The term omnichannel refers to a certain approach to sales.  This approach aims to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience.  Whether the customer is shopping online, from a mobile or in a physical store.  It integrates the advantages of online and physical shopping into one.


What Exactly Does BlueCherry Do?

BlueCherry helps its clients with its expertise in omnichannel planning.  Today’s market is highly competitive.  To succeed, it is crucial that retailers increase their understanding of customer demand.  It is also crucial to use this knowledge to carefully plan their product range.  BlueCherry helps design omnichannel merchandise planning strategies to boost their clients’ sales.  Its planning aims to improve productivity and client-supplier relationships.  Omnichannel planning is particularly important for the fashion industry. Because, it is always under pressure to meet consumer demand.  And shorten product development.

Many retailers are benefiting from BlueCherry’s Omnichannel Merchandise Planning. BlueCherry is helping many retailers improve their catalog, wholesale and Internet channel results.  BlueCherry lets retailers merge their individual plans into a single, multichannel plan.  This can help increase sales, margins and fulfilment rates.


Success Stories

Tommy Bahama is one of the retailers that BlueCherry has helped with their expertise.  They took the time to get to know Tommy Bahama’s products and align the brand’s message with the design.  Tommy Bahama has both traditional stores and an eCommerce website. These two kind of stores opens more opportunity to gain money.  They use BlueCherry for many things.  Including shipping for Tommy Bahama’s main warehouse.  This allows them to get thousands of deliveries out every day.  It also helps them gain a good reputation for quick delivery with their customers.  Program Manager of Tommy Bahama, Cynthia Quackenbush, has been impressed by the pace that the business is growing.  She pays a special thanks to BlueCherry for this.  Due to their dedication to the brand.

Another company that BlueCherry has helped is Aerosoles.  Aerosoles is a shoe brand for women.  Vice President of Technology and Business Solutions, Tom Reeve, says that Aerosoles has benefited using BlueCherry’s Electronic Linguistics Module for electronic communication with suppliers.  He believes that BlueCherry offers superior functionality compared to its competitors.  He praises how well BlueCherry has supported Aerosoles throughout its online growth.

CGS’s BlueCherry has the technical know-how to plan omnichannel advancement for your business.  If you think that CGS can help your business, visit:  http://www.cgsinc.com/en/contact

The importance of Data in e-commerce

The rising importance of data in the ecommerce sector.


Importance of data in User experience

User Experience has become an important part of most mobile and web-based applications. This means that e-commerce success relies heavily on data so that they make your experience on their website or application as comfortable as possible. Let’s imagine you are using a website to buy a phone. You will want to find the easiest website in order to buy your phone. Some e-commerce sites do not have the capacity to gather customer data properly. This proves to be a challenge to attract repeated buyers. This is why e-commerce companies strive to have the best User interfaces on the market.

The importance of data in e-commerce marketing

In marketing e-commerce products or brands, the importance of data can be evidently seen in the marketing arena. In order for an e-commerce startup to run a successful campaign, data has to be gathered. In simple terms, the entrepreneur has to gather data for the company to run a successful social media campaign. Even paid social media campaigns need some form of information in order for you to run a targeted campaign. Paid social media campaigns are mainly done by large collecting data companies such as Facebook and Google. When running a social media campaign remember to gather as much knowledge as possible. It will help you in your pursuit to increase e-commerce sales.Since the beginning of the modern digital age, the use of data has rapidly increased over the past decade. The importance of data is evident in the e-commerce sector. This is due to the fact that e-commerce businesses use data to research effective marketing techniques. It is also used to enhance customer’s experience by gathering data on what the client likes to search about.
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E-commerce Platform trends and analysis

E-commerce platform trends

E-commerce platforms have increased as web companies such as WIX, Automatic (WordPress), and Shopify take the center stage. These companies have created platforms that are specifically tailored for e-commerce small and medium businesses. However other platforms that are like Magento and Amazon Web services are tailored for much bigger businesses. This is due to the knowledge required to create an e-commerce business on these platforms.

Small e-commerce platform requirements

E-commerce platforms such as WIX, Shopify and woo-commerce are perfect for small companies that are making between $100 to $500000 worth of revenue a year. These platforms are easy to use and cost less. Anyone can go to Shopify and create an e-commerce site. This makes the platform preferable to companies without the budget to hire a web developer. Woo-commerce by WordPress aims to become the third largest web hosting and e-commerce platform by 2020. It already has a valuation of more than 1.6 billion after successfully raising $500 million from venture capitals. Small e-commerce platforms require little knowledge and skill. They also require a small amount of capital to begin.

The e-commerce platform forecast

The popularity of larger e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon will be overtaken by smaller more personalized platforms. The reason why large e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon tend to be unfavorable to medium e-commerce businesses is due to the lack of uniqueness. It is very hard to create a unique site on Amazon. Therefore the Amazon platform does not properly represent your brand. Besides the products, Amazon stores are all similar. The best way to represent your brand is to create a unique site on woo-commerce or Shopify. This is why Amazon’s dominance in the e-commerce sector is going to be greatly challenged over the next couple of years.
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E-commerce reviews

E-commerce reviews

E-commerce reviews

E-commerce reviews

E-commerce reviews are a major driver of sales. This has made them a prime target of e-commerce entrepreneurs. The best products are created through the use of customer’s reviews. The fact of the matter is that customer’s reviews are a main driver of sales. Most people are willing to go and buy products that have been already reviewed by other customers. The more positive reviews a product receives the more likely it is to receive more sales. More positive feedbacks received results in sales of your product.

E-commerce reviews in the hotel sector  

Air BNB and trip advisor are now major players in the online holiday rentals e-commerce sectors. These two platforms have one thing in common. They both allow customers to leave reviews about their hotel or holiday rental. Air BNB offers a platform that allows for easy room renting. E-commerce review also plays a major part in this services industry. For a couple looking for a perfect spot for their vacation, this comes at a relief.

E-commerce reviews for e-commerce websites

Sometimes they are situations where e-commerce websites are owned by individual entrepreneurs. Due to the fact that smaller individual e-commerce websites are not well known. There is the need for them to be reviewed by more recognized reviewers. Let’s imagine a small e-commerce drone website that has not received a lot of reviews. This website needs reviews from more trustworthy websites in order for them to drive sales. When you own an online store it is important to get your websites and services reviewed by popular well-known websites.

The downside of e-commerce reviews

E-commerce reviews are not perfect. The downside of e-commerce reviews is that sometimes entrepreneurs and vendors have family and friends review their products. For example, experts have criticized Trip Advisors for not allowing experts to review websites. People who are not experts tend to give biased reviews on the website.