Magento PeriShip Partnership with Crumbs Bake Shop

Magento PeriShip Partnership

Magento PeriShip

Thanks to Hara Partners your favorite Crumbs confections will be arriving at your home or place of business faster and fresher than ever. By integrating PeriShip with the new Magento-powered Crumbs online store will result in the freshest and speediest cupcakes on demand.

PeriShip is a subsidiary of FedEx specializing in the shipment of perishable items throughout the country. With a fleet of refrigerated trucks and access to FedEx’s extensive delivery network PeriShip is in a unique position to be able to provide the fastest and most reliable delivery of perishable food anywhere in the country.

Incorporating PeriShip into the Crumbs’ delivery service allows them to focus on what they do best – making phenomenal cupcakes! Periship takes care of all shipping intricacies, providing Crumbs with constant updates on the states of their orders. If a problem arises at any point en route, PeriShip alerts Crumbs instantly so they can notify their customers in a timely manner. Live customer service representatives are available 6 days a week to answer questions and alleviate any concerns. The Magento PeriShip integration for Crumbs Bake Shop is just another great way that Hara Partners helps businesses operate efficiently in the online marketplace.

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Magento BlueCherry ERP Integration

Magento BlueCherry ERP Integration

Hara Partners developed a streamlined Magento BlueCherry ERP Integration. BlueCherry is a comprehensive enterprise solution purpose built for the fashion and apparel marketplace which allows clients to manage their product lifecycles from concept to consumer. Created by soft-goods pioneer and industry leader CGS, Blue Cherry includes a vast list of functionalities including ERP, PLM, BI, and EDI capabilities in a comfortable “Microsoft Office-like environment”, and the software touts itself as having the lowest total cost of ownership in its class. The program also includes membership in the BlueCherry User Community for hive mind solutions and real-life experience.

There are ample reasons for any Magento user in the soft-goods industry to make the move to the far more robust BlueCherry system. One benefit of using BlueCherry over the stock Magento interface is increased “speed to market”. Achieved chiefly via a mix of financial and communication planning apps soft-goods retailers will appreciate alleviating one of their major headaches: misforecasting stock orders.

A second benefit of making the upgrade is distribution simplification. The supply chains of today stretch across continents so any delays or snags get magnified as they move through the process, BlueCherry integrates the warehouse directly into the supply chain thus streamlining the entire order-to-cash process.

Moreover, the process of integrating Blue Cherry into your Magento store is quite painless. Using our Magento Bluecherry ERP Integration to export product, inventory, tracking and return management data from the BlueCherry interface into your Magento back-end and return requests and order information the other way.

While the stock Magento interface is capable of handling the needs of those in the soft-goods industries, there comes a point in time at which the limitations of the program will start to negatively impact your company’s growth at that point it’s time to make the move to Blue Cherry.

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Magento Sales Tax Module – by CCH

magento calculate sales tax

Tax laws are complex, multilayered and often changing so keeping your Magento e-commerce website up-to-date yourself can be a real hassle, if not downright impossible. Instead, use by CCH, the Magento sales tax solution offering from Magento Industry Partner by CCH, the largest tax research and solution company in the world, to do all the work for you.

SalesTax by CCH, formerly CorpSystem Sales Tax Online, is the cloud-based, world class Sales Tax & Rules Engine that runs in real-time to accurately make all your sales tax calculations. The program is easily integrated into your existing accounting software or ERP using the Software Development Kit, easily downloadable from the company’s site, or, you can add the tax calculation capabilities directly into your Microsoft Dynamics AX or GP ERP system for even more complete synchrony.

Magento Sales Tax module is available in 3 tiered versions, Core, Plus and Pro, (the pro level is strictly for tax professionals so we won’t discuss it), with each level offering users a CPA-centric interface and CCH’s wonderful service and support. The Core level of the program offers all of the sales and use tax functionality including: real-time automated Magento sales tax calculations and a robust reporting suite. The next tier, the Plus level, adds automated form generation, automated tax filing and a calendar alert system.

Whichever version of this indispensable tax solution you opt for you’ll be worry free with by CCH, the same technology used by the IRS and all BIG-4 accounting firms. Start using for Magento to calculate your taxes.