Fashion Photoshoot for B.Moss Fall 2011

On the Thursday of July 7,2011 Hara Partners and B.Moss joined together for the creation of a long but fun fashion photoshoot.

From creative direction, casting, shoot management and post-production retouching for final files,
Hara Partners made everything possible for our wonderful friends at B.Moss.

With help from the talented Meagan Hester who was in charge of hair and make up ,the three wonderful models (Allison Burnett, Stephanie, and Lauren Berlingieri), and HARA Partners’ Vernon Fong the B.Moss Photoshoot was a success!

5 Ways the Advertising Industry Is Preparing for a Digital Future

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Chris Schreiber is director of marketing at social video advertising company Sharethrough. A leading expert on social content strategy, Chris recently presented a two-hour workshop on viral video at the Cannes Lions festival, entitled “Making Videos Go Viral: Creative, Social, and Technological Techniques.”

Last week, the world’s top brands and agencies descended on the Cannes Lions festival to discuss creativity in modern advertising and to anoint the campaigns that most effectively captured our imaginations. While the conference was renamed this year to the “International Festival of Creativity” (previously the “International Advertising Festival”), it featured an unprecedented amount of participation from blockbuster technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Over the course of the week, the significant relationship between the powerful new forces in technology and the creative output from the advertising industry became quite clear. As the web increasingly empowers us to choose and share the media we care about, brands genuinely commit to creating content and experiences that thrive in our on-demand culture.

In this article there are five video’s which show different themes of majors changes of the world of advertising.

[ A New Wave of Experimental Marketing]

The first video was a nike commercial which showed different soccer player’s showing a future glimpse of what would happen if they make their goal. The visuals were compelling and action packed.

[Content, Not Ad’s]

Unlock the formula was Coca Cola’s video which showed multiple images and clips of coca cola and the secret behind their formula. What made it special was the usage of cultural content in it, showing different time periods but have a connection due to coca cola. The overall feel of this ad had a little creepy side to it.

[ The Shift from Communities to Collectives]

An ad for Sneakerpedia which is a wikipedia style site powered by Footlocker for “sneakerheads” to document the history of sneakers. It’s the buzz of this site that makes it sucessful.

[ The rise of the “Creative Technologist”]

Advertising is becoming digital and agencies are looking to bring in more developer talent to help create new and original products. Interactive media is becoming an essential to advertising these days.

Last but not least the [ The Gaga Effect]

The Gaga Brand has been taken globally where people all over the world can say that they would know who Lady Gaga is. By using digital tools she broadens her fan base all over the world.

Magento Review: Why Magento is Worth It… For Some

magento review

Magento Review: Why Magento is Worth It… For Some

Boagworld recently published a Magento review on their blog. Boag writes while that “Magento is a powerful ecommerce system with a steep learning curve,” he stresses that developing an ecommerce solution needs to be about more than technology.

“When it comes to ecommerce I am platform agnostic. I care little about the underlying technology as long as it delivers an optimal user experience and tools that allow the store owner to run a streamlined and cost effective enterprise.”

Boag writes that whether the solution is self-built or not, all he really cares about is “the right tool for the job.”

“It’s not really great for the amateur PHP hobbyist either. The learning curve is steep, reflecting the power.”

Boag writes that there is no doubt that Magento is a serious ecommerce platform for store owners, featuring powerful reporting features, with the ability to handle complex discounting and vouchers and integration capabilities with other systems such as stock control and accounting. “In fact, based on our first experience of using the system it covers all of the bases any serious store owner would insist on.”

Boag also praises the Magento community, stating that “with so many contributors there is always somebody who has built a plugin or knows the answer to a specific problem. There are also books, blog posts and much more.”

In his comparison of the two versions of Magento’s software, Enterprise and Community, Boag lists the pros and cons of each.

“The enterprise version is not cheap but does come with improved functionality, better support and indemnity insurance.”

“The community version on the other hand has its active community and there is no guarantee the advice and plugins they provide will work with the enterprise version (although they normally do).”

Boag finishes his post with the thought that “it’s not [all] about the technology.”

“Magento is great, no doubt about it. However, it is important not get caught up in its features and functionality. As with choosing any piece of software you need to step back and ask what you need rather than what the software offers.”

Thankfully, there are companies like Hara that address users’ needs, with services like the NetSuite-Magento Connector. However, since Mr. Boag didn’t mention us in his post, we hope in the near future he might give us a shout-out for our good work.