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NetSuite - Magento Connector - Video - Transactions (Variances)

So let me enable the feature, I’ll save the config. Next let’s look at our orders. So you see a new column appears, this column basically just specifies whether or not the orders in both NetSuite and Magento are calculated the same. So by default, the status will be pending validation. Again, there is going to be a backend automatic process just to compare them when this feature is enabled but for our demonstration purposes, let’s just trigger our comparison manually. So I’m going to click on this specific order, and there is going to be an additional tab called NetSuite Order Variance. Right now it’s pending validation. Let me check the variance. Alright, the validation result was successful. Let’s see.

They’re validated so there’s no difference in shipping calculations, no difference in tax and no difference in grand total . So let’s look at our information. So it’s 20 dollars, 5 dollar shipping, 1.78 for tax. So same story, let’s go to NetSuite, let’s look at this order. 20 dollars, 5 dollar shipping, 1.78 for tax. Great! Next, let me create an exception. In Magento, I’m going to change the tax calculation so the tax will be different and there will be a variance. So to do that, since I’ve already set up a different model for calculation, we’ll go over there, so let me go to our tax calculation. So right now by default, NetSuite is not calculating any tax on shipping. Let me change my Magento setting.

So my Magento setting is saying ok now I’m going to calculate tax on shipping as well. I’m going to save the configuration. On the front end, I’m going to try to place a new order. I’m going to order this one. Proceed to checkout. Same process. Same shipping method. Check/money order. Continues. Now you can see there is additional tax since I set up my tax rate to calculate tax on shipping and handling as well. I’m going to place an order.

Alright, the order has been placed and it’s also being sent to NetSuite. You can go to the admin panel, and look at my new order. So this new order is the one I just placed. In Magento, the total is 27.22, in NetSuite, view this order, as you can see in the NetSuite calculation it does not cover the shipping tax, so if I go back, and I try to validate, You will see there is a mismatch between the two, and it’s telling me there is a tax variance of 44 cents, based on the shipping and again, as a security feature, if there is any error, you will see a global notification. To fix this error, the easiest way of course is to fix my shipping rate and after I fix my shipping rate I can mark this one as resolved. And then, all the errors will go away. With this, I will conclude this section. With the next section, I am going to talk about customization, which is going to be configured in the customization panel. Thank you for watching and I will see you next time.