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NetSuite - Magento Connector - Video - Transactions (Exceptions)

In this panel I’m going to specify the data range from which I want to pull out the shipments. So let me start. Alright you can see “Item Fulfillment” is being created from NetSuite to Magento. So let’s look at a specific Magento order, and you can see this order is coming with a new shipment and another important thing you can see the order status being updated to “in fulfillment.” That means that this order is being synchronized to NetSuite and NetSuite is processing the order either by invoicing or by creating a fulfillment but it’s not completed yet. So next, let’s go back, let’s try to get the invoice so we can complete this order.

Great! The invoice is also being created, so now we go back to the same order in Magento, you can see first the status is marked as “complete” because this order has been shipped and invoiced. Also, under this order you can see a new invoice being completed. Next, let me demonstrate how to handle exceptional cases. In this new case, I actually disconnected Magento and NetSuite and I’m going to place a new order. Alright, so the two systems are disconnected and this new order cannot be sent to NetSuite so the customer will see “Your order is currently being reviewed.” Let’s go to the backend, alright, in the Magento backend, these orders since they’re not being processed in NetSuite, their status is marked as “pending review.” Also, an important point is that if we have order with problems, there will be a global notification on the top that says “you have an order problem” and you can always click this panel just to go to the specific order.

So let’s look at this specific order 213, so since this order has not been sent to NetSuite, there will be an additional box just to submit this order to NetSuite. Let me submit this order. If your connection has been repaired, this order should just go to NetSuite, and of course, in our case I have already repaired everything so the order was successful. If we go to the NetSuite panel, you can see this new order 213 is also being sent to NetSuite panel. Next, let’s look at some advanced features for further integration. So we are going back to Magento, let’s go into configuration, so beyond the basic order configuration settings, there are some advanced settings. The first one is payment processor, so if do you want to process all the payments in NetSuite, like here is an example of how you can set things up. So for example, NetSuite support Cybersource payment if all the proper mappings are done, the payment will be sent to NetSuite to process. Beyond this one, there will be discount items but in this example, I am not going to demo the discount.

There are two important features down here. One important feature is “Register Order Variances.” This is actually a very important security check so once you finish basic store set up, I would recommend to turn this one on to “yes.” If you turn it to yes, Magento and NetSuite will compare all their totals and if there are any differences then you will be warned in the admin panel. There’s an additional feature in the Map Order Item by ID, this is actually very very important if you decide to split your order, let’s say if you order two items of the same product, you’ll want to process them separately and this will provide better mapping. So let me try to enable this feature and give you a standard demo on all the variances.