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NetSuite-Magento Connector - Order Processing Paypal

So here, I’m already in the paypal interface and you can see the details of the order is already being sent to paypal. Let me log in, and then I will confirm this order. It’s now processing in paypal.

Alright, so, the magento order processing logic for paypal checkout is once paypal finishes processing steps, it’s going to be sent back to magento to finalize the orders. Then, confirm over here. Great, the order is being placed. Again, let’s go back to NetSuite. Let’s look at our new order.

Alright, let me check order number. 233. So, it is this order. Let’s check under billing info, you can see the details are all under paypal. So in our case, we are going to fulfil it. Let me save.

And afterwards, we are going to create a cash sale. Alright, this is all we need to do for the partial integration on the netsuite end. We can go back to Magento, in the admin panel we can try to synchronize the item fulfilment for the shipments and also later, for the invoices.

So, let’s start. Good, it’s being created. Next let’s synchronize the invoice. Good, we are all set. Let’s take a look at the order. So this is the new order. It’s already been completed.

If we look at the order status, first it will say it’s being authorized by paypal, then it’s going to be sent to NetSuite for processing, and after the shipment has been created, Magento uses the token within itself to capture the payment. The invoice will then be created and then finalized.

At the very end, the order is being finalized. This will conclude our demo on order processing, which can be a relatively complicated process. Hopefully, our videos will make your life easier. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you next time.