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NetSuite Magento Connector - Video - Gift Certificates 3

In the next step, I am going to demonstrate how the recipient can use this new code. So before he can use the code, it’s very important and we have to make sure that the code is valid. So in the NetSuite panel, we have to process order, make sure that the gift certificate is paid for. So I’m going to create the payment, finish all the invoicing process, so the process will actually depend on how the store is set up, but as long as the order is paid for, all the gift certificates in the order is valid.


Good, the order is paid for. I can look at the specific code of this product. Let me copy the code. And then we can go to Magento. In Magento, once the recipient receives the code, they can log into their customer account. In their customer account, there is a tab called gift certificate. The customer can post the code over here. And then they can submit to check the value. Good, in this case the first gift certificate has 25 dollars available.

I can also write another gift certificate code over here. Let me go to the NetSuite panel. So this is the other gift certificate with 50 dollar value. I can also check over here. This new code has 50 dollars available. The next step is that the customer can also use their gift certificate.

So let me try to create a shopping cart for the new customer. Alright, now I have three items with 60 dollars total. I can paste my gift certificate and I can apply the value. You can see the code has been applied successfully in the shopping cart and the customer can also replace a code if he doesn’t want to use a gift certificate. Alright, let’s continue with the gift certificate. Proceed to checkout. So in this case, as you can see, right I am purchasing a physical order. So I do have to specify the shipping information and shipping method.

So let me continue. We can see our grand total and this is the value after the gift certificate has been applied. Let me place an order. Great. The order has been successfully placed. Lets go to NetSuite and take a look. This is our new order. The subtotal is 60. The tax and shipping and of course the 50 dollar gift certificate is given over here. This is how a customer can redeem a gift certificate in their shopping cart.

With this video, I am going to conclude this video. Thank you for watching and hope to see you next time.