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NetSuite Magento Connector - Video - Gift Certificates 2

Let’s proceed to step two. In this case, I am going to simulate a customer trying to purchase a gift certificate for somebody else. After I have created the gift certificate products, like I have already put into the store that you can see in the test category. So let’s go to the product detail page.

In the product detail page, you can see the price of the gift certificate is exactly the range we wanted it to be. So let’s just say I want a $25 gift certificate. You can specify the gift certificate you want to send to yourself or to somebody else. If you go to yourself, of course, you don’t have to specify any contact information. Let’s say I’m sending it to somebody else. Let me send it to Hara Partners with this email address and then I add it to the cart. You can see this product is being added to the cart and the recipient name and the email are kept as options. Let me try to add another one.

In this case, I am going to specify a different amount to a different person and a different address. So let me add to the cart again. Notice that it is very important that you see those gift certificates are separate because each certificate will correspond to a certificate code. We need to create separate line items so they can be sent to different people.

Let me proceed to checkout. Also, gift certificates are non-physical items so we don’t have to worry about shipping address. So when you checkout, if there’s no other product in the shopping cart, the customer only needs to fill out the billing information and the payment information. And then they can place the order. I have my order, there are two gift certificates: one for $25 and one for $50. And I’m going to place the order now.

Great! The order is being placed. Let’s go to NetSuite and take a look. Let me go to my NetSuite orders and refresh my order list. I’m looking at order 2-2-4. Alright, here’s the order. Let’s take a look. This order is $75 total and I have one gift certificate, which is $25, and another one, which is $50. And in the NetSuite panel, we can look at the details of the gift certificate, like this is for Hara Partners and this is the email, and that’s another gift certificate. And based on NetSuite settings, the recipient should have received a gift certificate code by email.