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NetSuite Magento Connector - Video - Gift Certificates 1

Hello, everybody. In today’s video I’m going to demonstrate a very important extension in the NetSuite Magento Connector. In this extension, we are going to support the synchronization of NetSuite Gift Certificates. Through the course of the video, I’m going to talk about three major parts. The first part is about setting up the Gift Certificates in both Magento and NetSuite systems. The second part, I’m going to demonstrate how a customer can purchase Gift Certificates in Magento and send the code toward a recipient. In the last part, I’m going to demonstrate how the recipient can validate all this code, check the amount, and also redeem the code value in their shopping cart.

So, let’s begin with part one. So the first step is to install the module. Once the extension is properly installed, you are going to see a Gift Certificate Config under the NetSuite menu. So in this menu, there are three configs. The most important config is the Gift Certificate amount. In our setup, we’re allowing a flexible amount. By default you can give three types of values. You can give an exact value, a list of values—separated by semi-colon—or like a range of value.

So in our demo, we are creating Gift Certificates ranging from $25-$200. The other two configurations is related to how the Gift Certificate code is generated. By default, NetSuite will auto-generate such code. I’m going to leave the default value to no, so that Magento will just respect the code that NetSuite will generate.

So, with that said, let’s try the ‘Create a Gift Certificate’ product in Magento. I can create a new product in Magento product management panel. And, please make sure when you create a product, you choose the product to be a NetSuite Gift Certificate. So, I already have a product prepared, so let’s switch to that product to save some time.

So, this is a product I already created. It’s very similar to creating a regular product in Magento. You just have to specify the names, descriptions, SKU, status, inventory level, and category, etc.

The price setting is respecting the config like we specify over here. So I”m going to save this product. Alright, the next step, let’s switch to NetSuite panel. So in NetSuite I also created a Gift Certificate. Let’s take a look. The specific value of this Gift Certificate doesn’t really matter, because when the order is being synchronized, NetSuite will respect the value of what Magento posted. So in this case, for simplicity I call it explicitly, this is the Gift Certificate, any amount. So, the important thing is, once both products are being created, we need to take down the IDs.

So for this Gift Certificate, let’s go back to List. The NetSuite ID is 639. And also in Magento… Let’s check the Gift Certificate product. The product ID is 235.

To synchronize those two products, we need to create a Record Mapping, so that the Gift Certificate in Magento is mapped for NetSuite. So to do that, we need to go to the Record Map, like, tap, in this menu. And these Record Maps are pretty much the foundations of all the synchronization. And for our purposes, I already prepared the synchronization. Let me show yo what entry you need to enter over here.

To create a new Record Map, what you need to put is basically a Magento ad you need to type exactly: Mage Catalog Model Product, and then whatever the Product ID. And on the NetSuite ad, you want to type in the Gift Certificate Item, and whatever ID it is. And you can save the Record Map. Once the Record Map is saved, those two products are synchronized. In most cases, every entry in the Record Map is maintained automatically by the quadrant. However, Gift Certificate products are very specific products. So those are the very few cases where we’d like to manually create such entries and ensure the mapping is robust.