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NetSuite-Magento Connector Videos


The integration of NetSuite and Magento will provide cost effective and time saving solutions for your business due to its fully automatic and completely synchronized nature. Your platform is entirely customizable to reflect your business’s needs. In the following videos, you will be led in a step by step tutorial from the initial set up to the complete integration of NetSuite and Magento. We will teach you how to seamlessly transition between the two to enhance your business’s sales.


In this video, you will learn how to set up data points and the purposes of each panel. You will also learn how to synchronize the two systems so that they can work together and for each other, eliminating the need to manually input each data point continuously in both systems.


Using the record map, you can check the name, description, weight, price and see if they’re all in sync. If for some reason, one system is out of sync with another, you will receive a global notification and you can easily change either system to the correct quantity. Each data point can be created very simply and quickly and maintained just as easily.


This video will tackle the integration of all transactions. You will be walked through putting in an order, setting a shipping rate, inputting payment method, and calculating tax. Once a new order has been placed, the next step is to fulfill the order and start to invoice the customer. Through the integration of the two systems, most processes will be automatic, however you will be walked through each process manually to understand the system.


If there is an exceptional case, you will also be equipped to handle those situations. One problem may be that Magento and NetSuite has disconnected. If this happens, there will be a global notification and in this demo, it will show you how to fix the problem.


Another important feature is “Register Order Variances.” Once this is set up, Magento and NetSuite will compare all their totals and if there is a discrepancy, you will be alerted. This is an important security feature and it will eliminate differences in shipping and tax rates.


In this panel, you will be able to customize and personalize the two systems. You will learn how to create drop down lists and checkboxes and how to synchronize your customizations.


By default, most processes will run automatically once a day or once an hour. if you would like to customize the rates, you are able to do so in the configuration panel.


Magento has multiple types of coupon rules that you can create. This video will go over how to save them, and will also teach you how to apply discounts in the shopping cart and calculate taxes. Once you calculate the subtotals, you should be able to make the orders that you want.


Continuing over what we learned in the first part, we’re going to look at case number two, and go over changing settings in NetSuite. After we update the orders, we’re going to make sure the totals match each other. Learn how to check the order variance to make sure it’s being validated. There are many different ways that the coupon rules will work in Magento.


In the extension for the NetSite Magento Connector, there is a way to synchronize NetSuite Gift Certificates. We’re going to go over how to set up up the Gift Certificates in both Magento and NetSuite systems, how a customer can purchase Gift Certificates in Magento, and how the recipient can validate all this code, check the amount, and also redeem the code value in their shopping cart.


In the second part of NetSuite and Magento Gift Certificates, you will see how gift certificate orders are managed with ease using the two programs in tandem. We will walk you through the steps, beginning with a customer creating a gift certificate order, and ending with finding your orders and tracking customer information. NetSuite and Magento make handling gift certificates a straightforward and effortless process.


In the third part of NetSuite and Magento Gift Certificates, we will show you how to redeem a gift certificate, and check the balance of a gift certificate. First, we have to check that the gift certificate is paid for in order to be valid. For that we go to Magento to find a specific code. With the given code, the consumer can log in and check the balance or redeem their gift certificate. The invoice can then be tracked in NetSuite. Together, the NetSuite and Magento Integration make using and managing gift certificates a breeze.


Order processing is complicated and often very confusing. In this video, we will walk you through the step by step integration of NetSuite and Magento while processing orders using PayPal. We will break down the basics using PayPal to authorize orders, NetSuite to process and ship them, and Magento to create the invoice.