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Multichannel Order Manager Integration

Integrating Magento Commerce with Dydacomp’s Multichannel Order Manager has never been easier.


Multichannel Order Manager Integration

Multichannel Order Manager is the leading integrated e-commerce and PCI-compliant order management software built for e-commerce. M.O.M. caters for over a million daily online shoppers, over ten million pounds in gross sales every day and is continuously optimising over $4 billion in stock. M.O.M. gives you the keys to drive your business with its powerful features and functionality. From shopping cart integration and selling tools to PCI compliance and fraud protection, M.O.M. provides you with a complete order management solution. You’ll be able to effectively handle order import, stock management, order fulfillment and order processing for your fulfillment center, call center or e-commerce business.

PCI Compliance

If you have to process credit cards, this integration does it in a PCI compliant way. MOM 8/9 in combination with an CIM compatible Magento payment gateway will only transfer the payment token and no actual credit card number to MOM in order to be PCI compliant. You can now capture payments in MOM. This gives you the flexibility to process imported orders just like if you entered the credit card physically into MOM.

Inventory Synchronization

Having the latest and most up-to-date inventory levels in your Magento store can be mission-critical, both for you, the store owner, as well as for your customers. Selling something not in stock will cause trouble and argue the customer, who might not return to purchase anything off you again. Using our integration, it is possible to prevent just this – the inventory levels will be synced into Magento using a cronjob automatically.

Order Export to MOM

Stop entering orders manually today! The integration will automatically sync all your new Magento orders into MOM every couple of minutes. This task can be started and disabled in MOM on demand. All details of an order, including customer details, the billing and shipping address, payment details, item details (including discounts) and custom options will be sent to MOM.