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Contact Us About Magento XTend City-Link UK Integration

Magento Xtend City-Link Offers The Perfect Solution

Magento Xtend City-Link is the ultimate fashion logistics solution. Our team of e-commerce experts can help get you started with a seamless synchronization between Xtend City-Link and Magento. We have developed one of the most advanced integrations and we can lead you through the integration process, from preparation and configuration to full automation.

Call us with any questions you may have at 212-225-8883.

Based on our deep expertise in e-commerce and logistics we developed the best Magento Xtend City-Link integration that helps you streamline your business while accounting for your business realities. Using the Xtend City-Link Magento Connector will provide you with a complete enterprise software solution to support your apparel, footwear, accessories or home furnishing company.

The Power of the Xtend City-Link Magento Connector

More than 300 fashion clients have grown their business with Xtend City-Link over that last 15 years. And the Xtend City-Link Magento software has been consistently ranked by Apparel Magazine as having the highest level of customer satisfaction – in many cases being ranked the best in the fashion industry.

The Xtend City-Link Magento Integration is also designed to work fully support any 3PL third party warehouses. With a strong EDI implementation and flat file support it can interface with most major 3PL providers servicing the fashion industry such as Waitex, Statco, Quiet Logistics, Bergen Logistics, and many more.

Backed by World Class Support

With the Xtend City-Link Logistics Magento Connector you will have 24/7 support available by the foremost experts. We offer Standard Support and Premium Support. The standard support is included for all software licenses of the Xtend City-Link Logistics Magento Connector and covers all built-in functionality. Our premium support package offers faster response times and gives you access to world class support to ensure your warehouse communicates always seamlessly though Xtend City-Link with Magento.

Feel free to call us any time at 212-225-8883.

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