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Magento Pay Per Click Campaigns - What's In It For You?

Magento PPC

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Magento Pay Per Click campaigns are exactly what they sound like……You only pay when visitors click on a link that directs to your website. The more you agree to pay per click (or bid) for a specific keyword and the more effective your ad, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results. These Ads will only appear for keywords or terms that match those which relate to your products or services and most importantly those that you choose. A Pay Per Click campaign is a great way of getting your site listed at the top of search engines immediately. CPC marketing will drive highly qualified leads to your web site over a short period of time.

Our recommendation

We do recommend to use pay per click for Magento. And we highly recommend to actively monitor your Magento pay per click campaigns and always use the pay per click strategy in conjunction with other marketing efforts such as a strong Magento SEO campaign, social media, and more.

Our recommendation for your Magento pay per click advertising strategy is to hire a team that is based on outstanding service, deep industry knowledge, hard earned expertise and advice that comes from successfully managing PPC campaigns for many many years. Look for teams that are Google AdWords Qualified, which means they have passed a comprehensive test demonstrating skills and knowledge to manage client campaigns.

Magento PPC
Magento PPC

How Can We Help You Manage
Your Magento Pay Per Click Campaigns

We can help you manage the entire process for you. We highly recommend to bundle any Magento pay per click effort with a Magento SEO campaign. Search engine optimization, done correctly, is like building a house by putting one brick stone on top of another. Once you stop building, you still have whatever you built up. Pay per click can complement these efforts and make the house stronger. The downside of pay per click is that once you stop paying, it stops working.

Thus, it is most effective to develop a joint strategy and tie in other marketing channels. They don’t have to be used all at once, but as appropriate and in a fashion that maximizes your returns. When executed correctly, you will see your Magento pay per click campaign grow from an initial set of keywords to a larger and stronger set of keywords driving well-qualified traffic to your website.

Why Our Methods Work

Our team is able to consult with you on using the right approach to online marketing with Magento. From comprehensive campaign planning, keyword and ad selection, continuous ad testing and thorough periodic reviews of your site analytics, we ensure the most successful SEO campaign possible.

This primary goal will be achieved through continuous keyword and ad copy creation, expansion and optimization. We aim to increase the quality of your leads, your traffic volume and, ultimately, boost the gross revenue of your site through Magento Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns!

Magento PPC
Magento PPC

What’s Included In Your Marketing Campaign?

Using these key strategies, we aim to drive quality traffic to your website through your Magento Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns.

  • Keyword Research, Expansion and Selection:
    No matter if you already have a Magento Pay Per Click campaign or not, we can provide comprehensive keyword research to ensure your campaigns are leveraging the most effective keywords for you
  • PPC Account Settings & Bid Management Optimization:
    We will maintain and monitor the myriad settings such as daily budget, match type, geo-targeting and more to make sure you achieve your financial goals.
  • Landing Page Considerations:
    We determine the optimal “Landing Page” and will provide suggestions and advice to maximize site conversions. These efforts should go hand-in-hand with a strong Magento SEO campaign
  • Creative Creation:
    We are continuously introducing fresh creative content and testing the new campaigns to ensure your account is always maximizing its true potential.
  • Ad Submission:
    We will create and submit the newly developed keywords and relevant creative to the Search Engines for immediate incorporation to the Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Campaign Tracking:
    We will guide your team in implement the proper tracking code or do it for you so we can leverage the proper business intelligence and analytics.
  • Creative Development:
    We will work with you to draft unique creative Ads to maximize click-thru and ultimately conversion rates.
  • Monthly Analysis:
    We provide a regular analysis of campaign performance, including keyword costs, performance and account improvement.
Magento PPC