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Magento SEO - How It Works

Ready to get started with Magento SEO for your online store?
Here is what we will begin with:

How it Works

Stage 1—Website Crawl Analysis

  1. This includes:
    • Compilation of broken links (4XX errors)
    • Pages without titles
    • Pages with duplicate title tags
    • Pages with duplicate content
How it Works

Stage 2—Search Engine Ranking

We establish primary keywords and quantify their rank over time on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We also determine and boost organic search volume through branded and non-branded keywords.

How it Works

Stage 3—Competitor Analysis

We pay special attention to domain authority in your company’s competitive landscape, a measure of search engine rank potential based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics.

How it Works

Stage 4—Social Presence

We launch and/or monitor effectiveness on social media platforms, including Facebook Fans/Likes/Traffic and Twitter Followers/Retweets/Traffic.