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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Magento Websites

Magento SEO Services

Hara Partners SEO Services

Everyone agrees that SEO is good for your business but there’s plenty to disagree on when it comes to determining the best SEO practices. And there should be—higher traffic means more conversions, and conversions are the bread and butter of any online retailer trying to stay competitive. Yet many e-commerce entrepreneurs are at a loss when contemplating SEO campaigns for their Magento store. High rankings in major search engines are there for the taking, but how do you reach up and earn them?

What’s at Stake?

A poorly constructed campaign doesn’t just resign your website to search engine obscurity, it’s also a bottomless pit of wasted hours and investment. It’s often worse than doing nothing at all. If you’re not taking steps to secure your place in search results and appeal to your target customers, you can be sure that your competitors will. Out-of-the-box Magento provides some tools and integration compatibility, but this is no substitute for a solid roadmap with expert Magento SEO guidance.

The thing to remember is that the presence of established entities in your industry with gargantuan marketing budgets doesn’t automatically negate any efforts your company may put forth. In fact, devastatingly effective Magento SEO campaigns are about accurate assessment of the competitive landscape, sustained attention to statistically underrepresented targets, and consistency in the formatting and content of resulting materials. These features are our specialty.


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Magento SEO Services
Magento SEO Services

Setting Up Magento for SEO

Spending extra time here will make all the difference in the long run. Proper preparation here saves time on all aspects of the campaign. Our setup package includes:

  • Google Analytics and Webmaster integration
  • Site configuration to ensure that search engines only crawl relevant content
  • Generation and timely updates of Google sitemaps, integrated with Webmaster tools
  • Establishment of Canonical URL link element
  • Magento Google Merchant feed

Research and Content Writing

“Content is king” still holds true—it’s by far the most important factor in positioning your business online. Your website won’t rank without having engaging content containing information relevant to your targeted keywords. Moreover, Google’s strict algorithms specifically parse for poor grammar and keyword-stuffing. Subpar paragraph structure, sentence errors, and unreadable blocks of keyword-saturated text are all red flags for Google’s site scanners. Relying on these shortcuts is a risky proposition at best and can permanently damage your site’s reputation.

Our content writers attract appropriate traffic to your site with well-researched, fluid, engaging articles that position you as an authority in your field. Our marketing experts then integrate this content with landing pages designed to drive conversions.

Magento SEO Services
Magento SEO Services

Keyword Research and Optimization

We’ll analyze sets of relevant keywords and devise a strategy to secure ranking for both long- and short-terms keyword initiatives. Ultimately, successful keyword targeting can replace the need for paid keyword advertising campaigns like Google AdWords. The following services are included:

  • Detailed, graphically outlined research into your online market to identify potential keywords
  • Meta tag implementation accompanied by titles and meta descriptions
  • Reports for your top three competitors broken down by organic rank vs. pay-per-click bidding history
  • Quarterly ranking updates

Custom URL Mapping
(for website migrations)

Porting your website to Magento from another platform can be tricky. We’ll create URL redirects for each page on your existing website to ensure that users don’t have to deal with broken links and error pages post-migration when they’re trying to access content on your new site. This is especially important if you have many pages indexed in Google search results or other popular search engines.

Canonical URL Setup

By default, Magento creates multiple URLs per product—one for the main product page, and additional URLs as needed for each category to which it belongs. This can create problems if a search engine interprets multiple instances as duplicate content. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective URL by product, which we’ll then designate the canonical (preferred) URL for search engine purposes. This also increases page rank by attributing search engine “juice” to the most relevant pages.

Magento SEO Services
Magento SEO Services

Link Exchange Validation and Management

The more quality links pointing to your website, the better; these are defined as links from related organizations with content relevant to your own. Once you start receiving links to your site—via paid campaign, exchange, or simple merit—you’ll need to monitor them for validity on an ongoing basis. We’ll set up an advertising and link exchange management tool that facilitates the link-checking process.

The Takeaway

What sets us apart is our laser focus on the capabilities, requirements, and metrics of a successful Magento build. We’ve been eating and breathing Magento since the platform launched, and we’ve had plenty of time to trailblaze in its challenging ecosystem.

What’s Included In Your Marketing Campaign?

Using these key strategies, we aim to drive quality traffic to your website and boost your revenues.

  • Keyword Research, Expansion and Selection: No matter if you already have a Magento Pay Per Click campaign or not, we can provide comprehensive keyword research to ensure your campaigns are leveraging the most effective keywords for you.
  • PPC Account Settings & Bid Management Optimization: We will maintain and monitor the myriad settings such as daily budget, match type, geo-targeting and more, to make sure you achieve your financial goals. See what we can do for your Magento PPC campaign.
  • Landing Page Considerations: We determine the optimal “Landing Page” and will provide suggestions and advice to maximize site conversions. These efforts should go hand-in-hand with a strong Magento SEO campaign.
  • Creative Creation: We are continuously introducing fresh creative content and testing the new campaigns to ensure your account is always maximizing its true potential.
  • Ad Submission: We will create and submit the newly developed keywords and relevant creative to the Search Engines for immediate incorporation to the Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Campaign Tracking: We will guide your team in implement the proper tracking code or do it for you so we can leverage the proper business intelligence and analytics.
  • Creative Development: We will work with you to draft unique creative Ads to maximize click-thru and ultimately conversion rates.
  • Monthly Analysis: We provide a regular analysis of campaign performance, including keyword costs, performance and account improvement.


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Magento SEO Services