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Magento SEO Audit

Magento SEO Audit

What We Focus On

Organic SEO Traffic

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy of optimizing your website to drive customers who are specifically looking for relevant your products and services through their searches. Increase your visibility, relevant traffic, reputation and number of leads.

Local SEO Search

Location still matters. Most businesses are no longer limited to serving a local audience, but your customers want to know that you’re a real business. And you should take advantage of highly targeted localized advertising to maximize your effectiveness.

Optimal Paid Traffic

Pay Per Click (PPC or also known as AdWords) is a paid advertising product that serves ads to potential customers in major search engines. Are you managing and monitoring your ad dollars?

Data Driven Decisions and Tracking Your Success

Our secret to your success starts with superior data. We monitor, survey and analyze your website vis-à-vis your competitors and optimize your position based on research. You will have the ability to track your success and see your return on investment (ROI) with complete transparency.

Website SEO Audit and Optimization

We will start with a complete Design Audit and Review of your website for calls-to-actions, conversion friendliness and effectiveness. We will check your website’s visual appeal and mobile friendliness. Does your website support and help your brand? How easy is it to navigate and buy something? How fast and easy is it to pay you? Does your website engage your audience in any other ways? Do you follow up with your customers? Do you use call tracking to measure how effective your website is?

Social Network Reach

Why is Social Media so important? And why is everyone talking about it? Social Media is the new “word of mouth” that’s why it matters; and it matters a lot. You want to take advantage of these new tools to engage with your customers, listen to your fans and empower your brand advocates. Make sure your website helps your audience help you on both desktop and mobile devices. We can help you get Facebook Likes, Comments, Shares, and genuine social interactions and customer engagement.

Online Reputation Management

Your voice is your brand, and your brand and reputation translates directly into sales. Take charge of what people say about you online and actively form your brand perception. Have you ever thought about actively cultivating customer reviews building up your reputation and what this could do to your business?

Magento SEO Audit
Magento SEO Audit

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Are you ranking for the top search terms and do you have the visibility you need? Or are you only ranking for low search volume terms? Your organic SEO campaign should be focused on capturing high-volume keywords and getting high ranking (page 1) results on all major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Competitor Data

It’s not only you who matters, but also your competitors. Is your competitor outranking you and getting more sales? It’s critically important to view SEO as a long-term strategic investment into your infrastructure and the proper keyword searches. Keep up with or get ahead of your competition.

Search Data

Simulating consumer behavior and using advanced data in our possession we can pin-point where to set the lever on and start lifting your sales. The SEO Audit will help compose a unique campaign for you and your brand. We will analyze your target demographic and psychographic and help you cater your online offering to them. We will uncover untapped potential for terms that you could capture as well as a strategy on how to go after them and achieve high rankings and conversions.

Magento SEO Audit
Magento SEO Audit

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local search means mobile search. Over 72% of all Google Places searches happen on Mobile devices and Tablets. Claim your “local” search results and ensure that your business shows up on top.

Paid Search (PPC or AdWords)

Are you already paying for search ads? Are you getting high volumes of visitors for the right keywords resulting to high conversions? Is your pay per click campaign tied into your overall marketing and search strategy? Are you using powerful tools to monitor if you’re wasting money? Seasonal events or unrelated searches can make your cost spin out of control without any return. What are your competitors doing? Are they engaging in effective advertising or is there an opportunity big opportunity to ensure lead generation and enrollment of new customers.

Social Networking


Are you engaging your fans and customers? Do you have followers and are you enabling them enough not only to get “Likes”, but for them to “talk about you” and engage with you? Empower your brand evangelists and let them spread the word. Are you interconnecting all your social media channels or handling them individually? Imagine you would consistently engage your Facebook visitors and generated leads that convert at 1% of let’s say 10,000 fans, which is 100 people. If they spend an average $50, you could capture an additional $5,000 from Facebook alone. These are relatively conservative numbers and through repeated engagement this revenue can be recurrent month after month.


Twitter is a new way to communicate, just like email didn’t exist before the Internet and has become a corner stone of our lives, Twitter should be regarded as new communications channel. That said most people do not yet use Twitter and most business owners and decision makers do not use Twitter or even know how to use it. This is no excuse not to use Twitter and makes it no less important. The game-changing nature of Twitter can be seen from its position as real-time news channel. Any major news story is covered on Twitter, and in most cases Twitter provides a play-by-play of events almost up to the minute, which traditional news outlets report the same events days later or not at all. What does this mean for you and your business? You don’t have to become a Twitter news junkie, but you may want to allow others who are active on Twitter to follow you and most importantly empower them to use Twitter to spread your word. First, you should secure your brand on Twitter, and then there are two key indicators, how many followers do you have, and how engaged are your followers? Do your followers retweet your tweets or tweet about you and your products and services? Are you listening actively to what people are saying about you on Twitter? You should start to listen actively, and then engage people talking about your brand, products and services, answer their questions.

Yelp and Foursquare

For businesses that have a physical presence or retail stores being present on review sites such as Yelp and Foursquare is critically important. Boost your local mobile discovery and promote your business through targeted check-in specials to promote foot traffic to your store and acquire future repeat customers. Offer tips and specials through these channels and be found.

Magento SEO Audit
Magento SEO Audit

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews on your website are a great signal to shoppers that you value customers and are proud to stand behind your products and services. Considering that Customer Reviews provide a way for your website to get periodic updates as well as top ratings from the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. You should engage shoppers to leave positive reviews to foster a positive brand reach. This becomes even more important if you’re focused on selling only online and you’re trying to increase your geographic range.

Website Design, User Flow and Conversion Optimization

We will review your website design, not purely for esthetics, but functional design so to say. This means that form and function work together to create the right platform for conversions. We are not about to win a design award, but to generate sales. What design elements promote sales, what is confusing your visitors and leading to them abandoning your website? What best practices have worked for other successful online retailer we can recommend for you? Do you ask your users to jump through unnecessary hoops to make a purchase? Speaking of form and function, you want to cater towards humans as well as machines, and make sure that search engines “understand” your content.

Mobile Design

The same as for your website goes for your mobile presentation. However, the rules of mobile are a little different and need to be taken into account. Why bother with mobile you’re asking? At the end of 2012 there were over 5,000,000,000 registered smart phones and mobile device users.

Magento SEO Audit
Magento SEO Audit


First, what is META data? META data is information about the information on your website. This could be a synopsis or an explanation in more basic and accessible words. As a very simple example, “rouge” would have the META word “red”. How many people would intuitively search for “rouge” if they are looking for something “red”, or it could be “Bordeaux”, “rose”, etc

Using Smart Data and Measuring Results

We start with superior data. We don’t start a campaign without the proper intel ahead of time. That said we do our research first, watch your performance and the one of your competitors. What are your competitive strength? Where is potential to get the biggest returns?

Once we embark on improving your website onsite and offsite, we can offer full transparency and integrity about the results, and give you a competitive edge.

Organic SEO Reports

You will receive comprehensive organic search engine optimization (SEO) reports that will showcase not only our efforts but the results of your progress in the online (desktop computers) search space, including the impressions (how often your site is displayed), actions and organic traffic (people finding you in search results) to your website.

Local SEO Reports

For your mobile and tablet searches, we will provide you robust local (mobile & tablet) reporting that not only displays the geographical areas of your business you are found in, but the amount of traffic each of your locations are receiving as a result of our Local SEO efforts.

Social Media Reports

What happens when you take Facebook reporting to the next level and give real value? Social is transformed and now becomes an added source for lead generation, not just a branding play. Our robust social media interaction reports will give you value in real time and real dollars.

Magento SEO Audit
Magento SEO Audit

Reputation Monitoring Reports

How about knowing when someone writes a review about you anytime on the internet? We can monitor not only 150 social channels, we report daily on actives of our staff as well as reviews, mentions and sentiment across your entire brand and individual locations. This allows you to further measure your daily reach.

Call Tracking Reports

Our call tracking reports delivers 24/7 monitoring of your calls and call sources. We set up a different call-tracking number for each of your digital campaigns (or website) so you know exactly how many calls your campaign is generating from the internet. We track & record calls, where they came from and how they converted (which pages). This further allows you to listen to calls and identify areas for improvement and or what people are frequently calling about.

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