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Magento SDA Integration

Effortless Integration Between Two Platforms


Magento SDA Integration

Magento SDA Integration connects the two systems seamlessly in real-time.

Hara Partners provides the most streamlined SDA integration in the market. Working closely with SDA has been a great success and allows Hara Partners to provide a streamlined solution.

SDA is one of the leading softwares allowing you to easily export orders. The software can properly configure your status and update the order and send a confirmation email to the user.

Through in-depth knowledge of both systems we have inter-connected all business processes to guarantee perfect synchronization and reliability.

Product Synchronization

Magento SDA Integration allows you to set up and synchronize a wealth of product types, pricing information and product data with ease and reliability, leaving competitors in the dust. The product synchronization provides an extra layer of protection with its variance detection. With separate sysnt tems, the customer may lose money due to discrepancies in tax and shipping and handling calculations. With the integration, the two systems are automatically matched and the order will not go through if the two prices vary, leaving you confidethat price variances will never appear again. The duo system is also incredibly flexible and customizable for your own personal needs. If there is ever a problem with the order, there will be a global notification.

With a click, it will lead you straight to the panel where the problem exists. As soon as the problem has been cleared, the order will proceed. Although this system provides complex outputs, it is very user friendly. Many of the labor-intensive processes are automatic, leaving the user hassle and worry free. However, records of activities can be easily accessed so that you can monitor exactly what has been done and you can modify or reverse it as desired.



Orders or sales are the live blood of every business and we take all order information very seriously. This starts with complete audit trails capturing every last detail about every order placed to a fully customized order logic. Magento SDA Integration can support every Magento and SDA default scenario. And if you have special order requirements, such as product modifications by customer service or adjusting order totals to account for discounts, refunds, and other eventualities, our expert staff can consult with you and help ensure all information is captured and communicated correctly.

The Magento and SDA integration also handles order comments and modifications to orders. Its main strength is streamlining orders and order flow, and providing full visibility towards the customer and you and your customer service staff.

Should you require more flexibility with your order management process, we can help you extend Magento or SDA to accommodate for your needs.


Magento SDA Integration is largely standardized through the EDI format prescribed. However business logic can vary and can take different payment methods, payment terms, fulfillment times etc. etc. Our team will be able to review with you all your requirements and help you model your business flow with the Magento SDA Module. All-in-all you could be up and running in less than one weeks time, run some intensive tests and be off to the races with one of the most seamless integrations on the market.


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