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Magento Sales Tax and Use Tax Module powered by

Magento Sales Tax and Use Tax Module powered by

Magento Sales and Use Tax Connector by by CCH/Wolters Kluver is the ideal Magento sales tax calculation solution for your Magento e-commerce platform, delivering matchless performance from a best-in-class hosted sales tax solution (SaaS based tax rates). Our Magento sales tax module seamlessly integrates with your Magento backend. This true and tested solution is designed by and for the industry’s premier tax, accounting, and audit professionals. This module is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.4 forward.

Real-Time Rates and Fully Automated


Bypass the pitfalls of traditional hardware and software options and instead availing yourself of‘s cloud Magento sales tax solution. The advantages are multi-fold: lower IT cost, hassle-free implementation, data archival, improved accuracy, and of course automatic updates.


Eliminate human error and curtail abandonment with directly populated Magento tax calculations for every order and invoice. Tax lookups are fully automated in the shopping cart and during the checkout process.

Magento Sales Tax and Use Tax Module powered by
Magento Sales Tax and Use Tax Module powered by

Advanced Features

Taxability Mapping

This uniquely straightforward solution permits drag-and-drop mapping by product, automatically correlating to a comprehensive list of nationwide product codes for every industry. This free service automatically invokes the proper rules at point of sale, minimizing compliance management resources.

Nexus Management

Precisely define states and local jurisdictions, adding and deleting regions at your convenience. Advanced functionality allows you to schedule discrete periods ahead of time with designated beginning and ending dates.

Jurisdiction Mapping

Make invalid addresses a thing of the past. State-of-the-art rooftop mapping targets even specific street addresses–there is no more precise or detailed mapping service available.

Executive Reporting Dashboard

This flexible business intelligence sales tax tool formats sales data to detect and track trends over time. The dashboard lets you specify which information to review and presents data in columnar or graphic layouts.

Services Available offers filing of your Magento sales taxes on your behalf.

SalesTax CORE

Benefit from enhanced Magento sales tax functionality in a cost-effective, cloud-based solution.

  • ERP and Magento Shopping Cart Integration
  • Real-time Jurisdiction Mapping
  • Comprehensive Taxability Mapping
  • Flexible Nexus Management
  • Management Reporting: Reports are accessible in real-time to assist with supervision, tracking, treasury management, and audit defense.

SalesTax PLUS SaaS PLUS provides powerful enhancements to your management of your Magento tax return(s) filing process.

  • Automated Forms Generation
  • Automated Filing
  • Calendar Alert System
  • Completely Accessible History of Filed Returns
  • Stand-Alone Filing Option: Sales Tax SaaS PLUS can be used as a stand-alone filing service. You provide the data and Sales Tax SaaS PLUS auto-generates returns and handles filing and remittance.
Magento Sales Tax and Use Tax Module powered by

Happy Clients

Danielle Malka - CEO, eShave

Danielle Malka
CEO, eShave

“Hara Partners smoothed our transition to a new platform with reliability and expert support. We love the seamless backend control, and our customers experience speedy, accurate tax calculation in the checkout process.”