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Magento RetailPro Connector

Fully Integrated, Back-Office Functionality


Magento RetailPro Integration

Retail Pro combines point of sale, store operations, CRM, inventory management, merchandising, and accounting systems in a software platform that streamlines back-office processes and increases efficiencies. The system is geared towards retailers seeking a scalable, configurable and easy-to-use infrastructure to support growth.

The software provides a number of measurable tools, including stock rebalancing, SKU tracking and item performance metrics, for retailers to fine-tune their businesses and track against key performance indicators (KPIs) within the application.

Why RetailPro?

Magento and RetailPro Integration enables communication between your Retail Pro Point of Sale Software and your Magento eCommerce business. We take the product information stored in your POS software and translate it into usable information stored in your POS software and translate it into usable information for your e-commerce store. With our POS integration, you can merchandise your products the way you want to because your POS data is converted to a format that you can edit and merchandise to be sold online.



The Magento RetailPro Connector helps you model and streamline the process of product creation to your total convenience in a way that has never been seen before. E-Commerce today requires a different set of product information from accounting, warehousing and fulfillment. To get a consumer to buy, you will need nice high resolution images, rich descriptions, with meta tags and more. However, you only need a few key indicators to manage a SKU during fulfillment or ordering. The Magento RetailPro Connector helps you streamline this process and avoid double entry of information. You can pull in basic information from RetailPro, such as SKU, quantity, and basic attributes, and complement them with additional information in Magento to allow full e-commerce functionality.

Alternatively, you can start in Magento with a streamlined batch import of hundreds or thousands of products at once. The Magento RetailPro Connector automatically identifies products by SKU and links them between the systems.


Magento RetailPro Integration is largely standardized through the EDI format prescribed. However business logic can vary and can take different payment methods, payment terms, fulfillment times etc. etc. Our team will be able to review with you all your requirements and help you model your business flow with the RetailPro Module. All-in-all you could be up and running in less than one weeks time, run some intensive tests and be off to the races with one of the most seamless POS integrations on the market.


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