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Magento Pacful Integration

Fully Integrated Digital Print Solution


Magento Pacful Integration

Magento Pacful Integration brings together the award-winning Magento e-commerce system with Pacful’s fully integrated digital print solutions.

Pacful’s advanced online ordering and fulfillment systems include state-of-the-art Ricoch C901 Graphics Arts Edition, known for delivering offset and true photo quality.

End-users can select literature that they’d like printed from an easy-to-use interface integrated into Pacful, Inc.’s e-commerce solutions.


Printing is completed and the documents are shipped within minutes. The solution is especially economical for businesses with multiple pieces of collateral that are rarely printed, but where print quality and being on time is critical.


  • Pacful, Inc.’s customers can place orders for short-run collateral to replenish inventory. Replenishment of printed matter can be done immediately, and the risk of being out-of-stock has virtually been eliminated. In addition, shorter production runs become more cost effective for our customers.



  • With shorter print runs, customers reduce the risk of printed materials that will never be used and will be recycled. Thus Pacful, Inc. provides this solution so our customers run greener, more cost-efficient operations.



  • Variable print runs can be produced in real-time for targeted marketing campaigns, training materials and personalized information for higher impact.


Through in-depth knowledge of both systems we have inter-connected all business processes to guarantee perfect synchronization and reliability.

Fulfillment Services Overview

We receive your inventory and store it in one of our four facilities (over 130,000 sq. feet of warehouse space) with 24hr security, cameras, motion sensors, sprinkler system, locked and gated secured areas. The process is quick and easy, just have your products shipped to us. Pacful, Inc. handles everything from point of delivery onto our receiving areas. Our on-line computer system maintains inventory control with real time inventory counts over your product starting from the time it enters the warehouse until it leaves. You do not have to be concerned with lost or missing items. Low inventory notices will automatically be sent to your email, helping to ensure that your products are never out of stock. In the warehouse, your products sit safely awaiting an order. In addition to receiving and storing, e also offer assembly or kitting that your products may require.


  • Web Based Inventory – With multiple inventory/fulfillment software solutions for our customers to choose from, Pacful gives you choices to meet your needs. Learn more about our web-based systems.



  • Secure Storage – Pacful has you covered for your high cost, prototypes or sensitive items you need an extra layer of security for. Learn more about this security solution Pacful offers.



  • Prize Fulfillment – Pacful can provide solutions to all of your prize fulfillment needs. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 prizes pulled, envelopes/boxes packed, addresses printed and all of it shipped out the door – Pacful will get it done!



  • Order Fulfillment – We realize that every business has different fulfillment needs, and that “fulfillment” means different things to different people. At Pacful, we specialize in fulfillment in all of the major categories. Whether you need posters printed, bags stuffed, envelopes mailed, or boxes packed, we will get it done for you.



  • Equipment & Tradeshow Maintenance – Pacful manages, maintains, upgrades, stores and ships everything from tradeshow & conference booth displays all the way to electronic/technical display equipment. Click here to learn more.



  • Shipping – Pacful works with all four major shipping carriers including USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS. We also provide freight logistics through our own private freight partner for custom shipments where delivery is crucial (trade shows, for example).



Mailing Services

Pacful, Inc. offers the latest in technology for our mailing capabilities. We offer our customers more control for their projects from start to finish. Our full service mail-facility allows us to handle all mailing capabilities in-house.

Timely delivery, the lowest postage rate and a high response rate are critical to the success of our customers and Pacful, Inc. always delivers.

Once printed, your order doesn’t need to be shipped back to you or a mailing house for distribution. We have a full-service mailing facility in-house, allowing your job to be mailed immediately after printing. CASS certified mailing earns you considerable postage discounts that usually exceed the cost of our mailing services, resulting in faster and more accurate delivery at lower costs.

On-line Printing

Pacful offers a simple and easy to use on-line printing system called “Print Now”. It allows your employees to login to an easy to use, web-based system in and re-order commonly needed items like forms, business cards (including new employees), letter head, envelopes and just about any other kind of commonly used document your company needs. We can include customizable fields in a template for you, so you can print what you need, with whatever custom information you need on it (name, contact, etc.).

It’s as easy as logging in, choosing which items you want, customizing as necessary (new employee business card, for example), ordering the quantity desired and placing in your shopping cart and placing the order. Once placed, the order goes straight to Pacful’s digital printers, saving you time and money.