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Magento Health Check - Magento Audit - Magento Code Review

Magento Health Check

Do any of the following Magento gripes sound familiar?

  • System crash under heavy load
  • Persistent upgrade malfunction
  • High maintenance cost
  • Difficulty implementing new features
  • Code architecture violations
  • Complaints about interactivity


If so, don’t panic—we get this all the time. So much so, in fact, that we designed our Health Check Engine to detect and resolve Magento site issues, leaving you with a healthy, unfettered platform.

Like any well-tuned machine, your Magento platform needs periodic check-ups. We’ll pinpoint weak areas, equip you with the tools to restore desired functionality, and demonstrate preventative measures to ensure optimal performance.

The process addresses deep-rooted difficulties as well as surface elements and is designed to cost-effectively minimize downtime.

Why Choose Hara Partners?

We’re expert sleuths when it comes to rooting out troublesome code modifications or architectural flaws. We’ve been with Magento since the initial platform launch, after all. And we understand that the success of your business is a marathon, not a sprint; it’s all about long-term stability. Through line-by-line analysis and a battery of diagnostic subtests, we’ll help you end Magento headaches once and for all.

As a Magento System Integrator with numerous certified Magento developers, we’re uniquely equipped to catch any bugs, incompatibilities, or misconfigurations before they do lasting damage.

Magento Health Check
Magento Health Check

How it Works

To facilitate in-depth assessment without disrupting your live store we start duplicating your store to our development environment. We scrutinize your code for the three most critical areas – Architecture, Code Quality, and Performance/UI – and process the raw results through a standardized scoring system. We present the information in an intuitive, graphic-rich format, supported by practical resolution strategies to align with Magento best practices. All told, the Magento Health Check comprises over 30 sub-tests spanning the visible and deep-coded elements of your Magento platform.

Here’s What’s Involved

Basic Settings Review and Correction

  • Recommendations for Magento admin settings
  • Setup optimization (e.g., filling in missing settings)
  • Core element configuration

Speed Tweaks

  • File combination
  • Identification of potential bottle necks plus removal strategy
  • Web server settings optimization
  • Magento cache optimization
Magento Health Check
Magento Health Check

Magento Module Review

  • Third-party module report (app/code/local and app/code/community)
  • Broken/corrupted module report
  • Plan of action for bad modules

Magento Core Health Review

  • Magento Core code base report
  • Broken/corrupted Magento code report
  • Scan of entire Magento code base, alerting you to potentially dangerous files
  • Plan of action if core is compromised

Next Steps

The Magento Health Check provides a strong foundation for your company to create a Request for Proposal (RFP), if necessary. We’re happy to discuss future code improvements or repairs for your website based on Magento Health Check results.

Magento Health Check