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Magento EDI Connector Standardize and automate your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Magento!

Magento EDI Connector

Magento EDI Connector

The Magento EDI Connector hooks you into any EDI VAN (Value Added Network) seamlessly in real-time.

    • Inventory Inquiry/Advice – Document 846 communicates inventory levels from EDI to Magento; ensuring that your ERP system or supplier is the Inventory Master


    • Product Price Sales Catalog – Document 832 can be used to add products from EDI to Magento. Additional information may need to be added to Magento and our team will help you with creating the initial product mapping, which is provided through our streamlined product import


    • Purchase Orders – Document 850 are used to pass orders from Magento to your EDI VAN including shipping, tax, and discount details as separate line items


    • Shipping Notice/Manifest – Document 856 is passed back from EDI to Magento after fulfillment


  • (Optional) Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification – Document 180 handles returns and provides full visibility for the customer through Magento (requires Magento Enterprise or an RMA Module for Magento Community)

Through in-depth knowledge of both EDI and Magento, we have connected all business processes to guarantee perfect synchronization and reliability.

Introduction to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange was introduced decades ago as a standardized communications interface between different computer systems to enhance and standardize communications. EDI started in the early 1980s by implementing Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 standards. EDI communications is transmitted through networks called VANs (Value Added Networks). EDI was standardized by the NIST in 1996, at which point it was already somewhat outdated with the rise of the Internet.

Simply put, EDI provides a standardized way of exchanging documents and confirming the receipt of such documents. Most EDI communication happens between suppliers and retailers, and it’s widely used by large retailers to standardize and streamline their operations. EDI is capable of communicating shipment information including what time to expect a truck on a loading doc, with the receiver able to confirm the scheduling.

EDI and Magento can be used to communicate orders to your warehouse or drop shipper. Hara Partners’ Magento EDI Connector will allow your business to get up to speed faster.

Magento EDI Connector
Magento EDI Connector

Implementing EDI

Getting started with EDI is easy and you can soon be sending order and shipping information more effectively and efficiently. Using Hara Partners’ Magento EDI Connector can speed up the process tremendously and get you going in just a few days.

  1. The first thing you will need is a VAN or a traditional way to connect to your trading partners. You may be able to use something as basic as (S)FTP to send and receive EDI documents.
  2. Once you are able to send and receive EDI documents, you will have to create the proper documents and be able to interpret the responses. This is where the Magento EDI Connector comes in.
  3. The Magento EDI Connector allows you to quickly generate the documents you need and parse the documents you are receiving, no matter how complex they are.
  4. With the Magento EDI Connector, you can easily toggle between test orders and go live hassle-free.

Get started with EDI

Do you need help with your EDI implementation? Do you need a VAN or help connecting to your trading partners? Contact us – we can help you map out any EDI documents and reduce your EDI costs.

Magento EDI Connector