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Magento DL Prime Integration

Real-Time Integration Between State-of-the-Art Platforms


Magento DL Prime Integration

Magento DL Prime Integration allows you to connect your Magento webstore into the DL Prime 2000/3000 ERP. This ERP allows you to manage your reseller and consumer stores centrally. It also allows you to import product and customer data. You can also provide customers with real-time pricing and stock availability data as well as set customer specific pricing in your webstore.

Features include:

    • Import of products and items from ERP as batch

    • Real-time integration of customers, customer specific pricing and product availability

    • Real-time transport of orders to ERP including payment

    • Creation of customers in ERP

    • Fetch customer-specific order history from ERP

  • Fetch customer-specific order history from ERP


Orders and sales are the live blood of every business, and we take all order information very seriously.

The process starts with complete audit trails capturing every last detail about every order placed to a fully customized order logic. Magento Dl Prime Integration can support every default scenario. And if you have special order requirements, our expert staff can consult with you and help ensure all information is captured and communicated correctly.

Magento DL Prime Integration also handles order comments and modifications to orders. Its main strength is streamlining orders and order flow, and providing full visibility toward the customer and you and your customer service staff.



Shipping methods and shipping rates can be setup in Magento to reflect your business realities in DL Prime Integration. Are you using UPS WorldShip and have it seamlessly integrated with your system? No problem, we’ll just add Magento to the mix and make sure that it reflects all shipping conditions and rules that you require. Do you want to pass on your amazingly low shipping rates to your customers or do you use other ways to streamline your shipping process? All shipping information is fully transparent in both systems, and you can service your customers from DL Prime as well as they can view all information in Magento.

Email Notifications

Emails can be triggered through NetSuite or through DL Prime. Do you use a sophisticated email tracking solution? No problem our team will help you configure the correct rules to send our the appropriate email at the the right time.


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