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Magento AMS Fulfillment Integration

Unlock the unlimited potential with AMS Fulfillment Integration


Magento AMS Fulfillment Integration

Magento AMS Fulfillment Integration combines Magento with state-of-the-art AMS Fulfillment.

    • Preparation and Configuration – After you determine the shipping methods and payment methods to be used in Magento, the development team can create proper mapping between Magento and the A2000 Connector.

    • Incoming, Update Inventory– In addition to the default Magento SKU, each product will have an A2000 UPC. You can update the inventory any time.

    • Outgoing, Export Order – When the shipment/tracking file has been successfully imported, the corresponding order will be marked as ‘Tracking Received.’

    • Incoming, Shipment/Tracking. All items in the order are shipped after this shipment. We allow auto invoice after shipment via system config, and the order has been invoiced automatically.

Magento AMS Order Management

In the world of Fulfillment, orders come in many shapes and sizes, and with a seemingly endless array of unique requirements surrounding the flow of order data with our valued clients. With AMS Fulfillment’s unique expertise in large scale product fulfillment for both Business-to-Business (B-2-B) and Direct-to-Consumer (B-2-C) programs, we have come to understand Order Management and order data flow requirements of all types, including: EDI order management to major big box retailers, boutique retail orders, online ecommerce, drop ship orders from ecommerce partners, large scale Direct Response TV, fixtures and marketing materials to retail databases… and more! From ASNs (Advanced Ship Notices) to custom messaging for ecommerce customers, AMS has seen it all with decades of experience managing orders for a wide variety of fulfillment channels and clientele.

The AMS management team works closely with each client to determine the best approach for managing orders and the flow of order related data. We offer a great deal of flexibility when clients are choosing how to process their orders, and pass order, shipping and inventory related data between ERP, Accounting, eCommerce, Order Management and Warehouse Management Systems utilizing multiple integration options.


Warehouse Management System

At AMS, our core expertise is Warehousing and Fulfillment Operations, and a vital contributor to our fulfillment expertise is our Warehouse Management System (WMS). With a robust WMS software package that has remained on the cutting edge of technology advances since 2001, and an in-house IT department that has supported the WMS over the same period of time, AMS Fulfillment has established a tremendous WMS technology backbone to support our core business of fulfillment operations. With decades of warehousing fulfillment experience behind us, the AMS IT Department has faced many challenging elements from incoming businesses, and our remedies have created a plethora of useable features within our WMS.

At AMS, we utilize InOrder from Morse Data for all of our WMS needs as the system offers exceptional feature functionality, including:

  • RF scanning for picking product, receiving, put-away, inventory movement and shipping
  • License plate technology
  • FIFO inventory management
  • Lot and serial number control
  • Cycle count and physical count functionality
  • Intelligent and flexible pick patterns and processes
  • Flexible order processing methods
  • Advanced end customer notifications for fulfillment activities

Data Integration:

Integrations are an area of strength for the AMS IT Department because of our extensive experience and our understanding of how to properly conduct the process. This includes choosing the proper data path for all business activity, and how best to manage Available to Sell (ATS) inventory when product is being sold through multiple channels (Wholesale, eCommerce, Drop Ship… etc.).

AMS utilizes a variety of data exchange methodologies, including EDI, APIs, text files/CSV and XML, much of which is dependent upon client needs. As always, AMS is a flexible partner when it comes to systems integration!


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