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Magento 3PL Integration

Powerful Subscription-Based Integration


Magento 3PL Integration

Magento 3PL integration is a powerful subscription-based integration-as-a-service product providing a real-time integration between NetSuite and any third-party fulfillment center or logistics provider.

    • Exports designated sales orders and purchase orders to your 3PL provider.

    • Exports return authorization from NetSuite to your 3PL provider

    • Outgoing, Export Order – When the shipment/tracking file has been successfully imported, the corresponding order will be marked as ‘Tracking Received.’

    • Imports shipment confirmation, item receipt confirmation, and inventory adjustments to NetSuite.

  • Handles partial fulfillments and multiple packages automatically.
  • Schedules email notification for error reporting.

Product Synchronization

The 3PL – Magento connector allows you to set up and synchronize a wealth of product types, pricing information and product data with ease and reliability, leaving competitors in the dust. The product synchronization provides an extra layer of protection with its variance detection. With separate systems, the customer may lose money due to discrepancies in tax and shipping and handling calculations. With the integration, the two systems are automatically matched and the order will not go through if the two prices vary, leaving you confident that price variances will never appear again.


Magento 3PL Business Benefits


  • The simplified checkout system helps to increase conversion rates.
  • Custom order status e-mails keeps clients informed, saving you from customers calling to check on their orders.
  • Easy to set the shipping options that are best for your business and clients.
  • Accurate inventory management systems help you control your products and restock when needed.
  • Secure checkout process helps conversion rates and can help lower instances of chargebacks.

Offered Support:

We provide more value in our maintenance and support plan, at a lower cost and with faster response, than any other solution provider. The Magento 3PL Connector is the most stable platform available. Our clients are supported by high level project managers and programmers experienced in all aspects of the solution. We provide more than a help desk and a queue, we are there when you need us to keep your business moving.


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