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Hara Partners Content Delivery Network

What is a Content Delivery Network, and why should I use it?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of servers distributed across global data centers. It’s designed to store content—large files, images, videos, and other web objects—close to your end users. This facilitates speedy content delivery and eases the resource burden on your e-commerce server by offloading these items to a more convenient location. For example, if your web server is in New York and you want to deliver content to a customer in Los Angeles, our CDN would route materials through a dedicated CDN server in the Los Angeles area.

High-quality, reliable CDN makes all the difference in consumers’ impression of your website. As technology advances and users come to expect sophisticated websites with a variety of downloadable content, it only makes sense to streamline the user experience with the Hara Partners CDN.

Did you know?

Users will switch to a competitor’s website if it loads just ¼ of a second faster.
Search engines incorporate page loading speeds in their algorithms.
Four out of five users will abandon a video if it freezes while loading.
E-mail newsletter subscribers will ignore provided links if the page load times are too slow.
Faster websites can boost revenue and reduce operating costs.