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Cloud Backup Recovery and Restore

Our backup solution eliminates tape with agentless, secure offsite data protection that ensures that both your technology and business are recoverable. While other solutions have agents listening on open network ports, leaving servers vulnerable to attack, our secure data cloud is built and hosted within our data centers with zero security breaches. With this solution, you decide how often data will be backed up, cutting out the time-consuming and disruptive process of deploying, maintaining, and rebooting your production servers for every patch released. After providing access to your servers, the system automatically sends your encrypted data to your dedicated storage device in our private Cloud.


Backup Rotation Scheme

In the catastrophic event of data loss or corruption, you should always know the answer to the following two questions:

1. When was the last available backup created?
2. When was the oldest available backup created?

Our “Grandfather-Father-Son” strategy provides fast and reliable answers with the following configuration:

Grandfather: Repeats a basic weekly cycle 12 times
Father: Full backup once a week on Fridays
Son: Incremental backup occurs each workday thereafter until the next Friday

The Grandfather method repeats this weekly cycle three times, each time using a different media set for the Friday backup. On the fourth week (the last Friday of the month), we use one of the month media sets for the Friday backup, thus completing a four-week monthly cycle. We repeat the four-week monthly cycle three times, covering a total of 12 weeks.

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Hara Partners

1. You’ll get a dedicated line to our data center with AES 256-bit encryption at both ends to transfer securely.
2. Rapidly backup and restore with block-level delta-backup and data deduplication.
3. Backups are scheduled overnight to utilize full bandwidth.
4. We’re prepared for on-demand file or server backups with 24/7 availability.
5. We’ll store your archived backups offsite and secured with 2048 RSA encryption keys.

1 GB5 GB10 GB250 GB1000 GB
$0.019/GB/day (storage)$0.018/GB/day (storage)$0.016/GB/day (storage)$0.014/GB/day (storage)$0.012/GB/day (storage)
$0.018/GB/day (transfer)$0.014/GB/day (transfer)$0.01/GB/day (transfer)$0.007/GB/day (transfer)$0.005/GB/day (transfer)