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Rouge Seduir Website Design

RougeSeduir - website design


Rouge Seduir

Description of Online Store

High fashion designer lingerie needed a tasteful canvas to present the luxurious materials and details.

Primary Markets

North America

Live Site

Rouge Seduire


Primary Challenge

Provide a platform that lives up to the highend design lingerie while at the same time serving as an e-commerce store. Large high res model shots where provided by the client and the Hara Partners design team took them to the next level by incorporating the models shots into the brand experience as well as allow transitioning to the shopping cart.

  • The Brand Image came together between the collaboration of the lingerie designer and the Hara Partners design team. Together, they took the brand experience to the next level while providing optimum shopping capabilities.
  • Serving Large Images can be challenging, but can elevate any product or brand experience when done correctly. For Rouge Seduire full page stretching responsive design was implemented that shines on a 3 inch screen or a 30 inch monitor alike.

About Hara Partners: Hara Partners, founded in 2006, provides industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective web solutions based on Magento, the e-commerce platform trusted by the world’s leading brands. From concept to execution to ongoing support, Hara Partners secures clients’ bottom-line revenue growth and profitability via customized website development and design. HP has served 250+ Magento-based stores in a variety of capacities— content, photography, video, development, consulting, IT services, hosting, etc.—all out of one hand.