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Cuddlduds Website Replatforming to Magento Enterprise

Cuddlduds - Before & After



Description of Online Store

An online store that matches the overall look and feel of the brand and fully supports all other marketing efforts.

Primary Markets

Selected Regions in North America

Live Site



Primary Challenge

Cuddlduds sells in very targeted markets in colder climates and needed a website that matched their overall brand appearance as well as could match their brand with the desired functionality. In addition, to the pixel perfect brand experience, Cuddlduds’ website is seamlessly integrated with the BlueCherry ERP software.

  • Brand Experience is one of the key requirements for Cuddlduds as offline marketing and product packaging are all aligned with the website and the brand.
  • BlueCherry Integration allows Cuddlduds to operate all backend and fulfillment processes fully automated and market and sell aggressively against the real-time inventory on hand. Learn more about the Magento-BlueCherry connector.

Need More Information?

About Cuddlduds: Cuddlduds is known for warm layers including leggings, top layers, tanks, crews and v-necks for women, men, boys, girls and toddlers. The innovative pieces are designed for warmth, style and ultimate comfort through the freedom of stretch.

About Hara Partners: Hara Partners, founded in 2006, provides industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective web solutions based on Magento, the e-commerce platform trusted by the world’s leading brands. From concept to execution to ongoing support, Hara Partners secures clients’ bottom-line revenue growth and profitability via customized website development and design. HP has served 250+ Magento-based stores in a variety of capacities— content, photography, video, development, consulting, IT services, hosting, etc.—all out of one hand.