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Case Study – AEC Online Store

AEC Online Store - Before & After


AEC Community Store

Description of Online Store

High quality gears, tools and supplies for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

Primary Markets

North America

Live Site

AEC Online Store


Primary Challenges

Provide a contemporary and streamlined shopping experience for an audience that is constantly on the go. Allow other vendors to sell through the AEC Online Store, while providing the store admin the ability to manage and moderate the overall store. At the same time this Vendor Portal allows each vendor to manage, fulfill and run report on its own stock and orders. Orders have to be split and shipping and charges are determined by individual vendor specification.

  • Vendor Portal enabling multiple vendors to sell through the store and fulfill orders independently, essentially making the AEC Online Store a marketplace.
  • Recurrent Payments & Subscriptions allow AEC to sell software subscriptions that are purchased on a monthly or annual schedule.


In products carried by AEC and it’s partners.
visitors to the AEC Online Store since the replatforming.

Need More Information?

About AEC Online Store: The AEC Online Store was founded in 2007 to provide small and medium sized firms the ability to make convenient purchases for safety equipment and corporate apparel at a very reasonable price. Most firms unless they are of a significant size have very limited leverage to negotiate lower prices for the products they use most of the time. Our goal is to provide good value and excellent customer service all of the time. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide graphic design and extremely high quality embroidering and silk screening for all your branded needs.

About Hara Partners: Hara Partners, founded in 2006, provides industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective web solutions based on Magento, the e-commerce platform trusted by the world’s leading brands. From concept to execution to ongoing support, Hara Partners secures clients’ bottom-line revenue growth and profitability via customized website development and design. HP has served 250+ Magento-based stores in a variety of capacities— content, photography, video, development, consulting, IT services, hosting, etc.—all out of one hand.